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Hello 2014

Hello 2014! I went to Kaladi to start the year off right. All the proceeds from today's sales at Kaladi will go to local charities, here in Soldotna the money goes to the local food bank, this year especially for the children on their birthday. Sweet!

I actually set my alarm for 9 am this morning, planning on getting up early to catch the first sunrise of 2014 at the beach and take some pics. I swatted at the alarm and continued sleeping until noon, Chhaya and I like to sleep in, we know what's good in life.
I did make it down to beach beach this afternoon, it was gray and raining, it's warm out today. A stranger wandering by himself at the beach wished me a Happy New Year, how nice! I told him to shut the fuck up, growled and showed him my fangs. I mean what would you have done? Right? LOL. No, of course I told him Happy New Years back.....and thought how nice it was of him to say that. It's getting dark out, I think me and Chhaya are going to take a walk.
I am tired already and want to curl up in bed.
I was hoping to visit the gym today but it was closed. Later on, unless I fall asleep, I have to tell you about last night. I don't remember how I made it home around 5 am this morning, one shoe and my bra missing and $ 680 extra in my purse, no clue to how this happened.
It must had been a fun night!


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Savannah on :

Happy New Year Tatiana! I stumbled across your blog and am enjoying reading it. Best wishes for the new year. Tell everyone at work I said hello! I miss you guys and hope to see you soon ;-)

Tatiana on :

HI Savannah.

Nice to hear from you! Happy New Year to you too and I will tell all the girls hello from you. Take care!


Savannah on :

This is Savannah from Florida btw. Sorry, I just realized you might not know which Savannah was speaking to you lol.

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