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My beautiful baby turned 11 yesterday, May 28 2016. I love her more than words can express, my heart overflows with love and emotion for this amazing being that is my loyal and loving companion.
All I want is to give her a good life.
THANK YOU Chhaya for everything !!!

New pink piggie toy binki.

Reading Material

Are you feeling bored and want something to read? Well, I got some reading material for you, like this article from Seven magazine, a fee local Vegas publication.
It touches on this subject......

Here is the link.

And how about this "cute" story? Told by a Vegas cab driver......just BARF. People are DISGUSTING.

Seven Magic Mountains

Look at the latest colorful addition to the desert landscape outside of Vegas.....this is called Seven Magic Mountains.

Me, Shelley, her baby Nicholas and my baby Chhaya went there today. It was BEAUTIFUL. Drive out there and take a look for yourself. The art will be at this location for two years, then all the pillars except one will be removed and the one left will make a new home somewhere in Las Vegas.

Watch out for snakes! And pitbulls.

I wonder when the parties will start out here? I am envisioning loud beats and people dancing while the sun is setting or rising......


Today I met up with Valerie for coffee, she had never been to Madhouse Coffee before.
Me and Valerie work together in Vegas. I remember the first night I saw her at work - I was like WOW, who is that gorgeous girl? Instant girl crush! ♥ Valerie is quite amazing, she is a burlesque artist and a feminist and we were talking a lot about feminism today. She, just like I feel that it is important to break the stigma associated with dancers. So many misconceptions and a lot of judging. You don't even know me but you are quick to talk a lot of trash about me. That kind of thing.
I am happy to say that I have met and became friends with several girls lately that I work with. So to all of you that think that us dancers hate each other, compete and act bitchy towards each other in general while we are at work. You are wrong. Do I get annoyed with girls at work? Of course, some of them act annoying and do dumb shit. But I don't feel threatened by the girls I work with, I embrace making friends if they are nice and approachable.
Like Valerie - super cool. Or my other girls Janis, Bella, Evelyn and Diane. They are my most recent friends that I have been so lucky to have met and got to know.
And this pic here was taken by my friend Ashley (you can see her in the pic taking the picture) she sings and plays in a band called Almost Normal . Also an amazing girl! ♥

And this is Valerie. I mean.....just WOW! Valerie has her own site and Instagram too. Look up Valerie Stunning and admire more of her beauty and words. Yes she writes too.

Photo borrowed from

I also need to mention one of Valerie's friends, Jacq the Stripper. Check her out here
She blogs, draws comics AND she wrote a book! Impressive!
Here is one of the comics. :-D

Bliss Dance

Look who made it to Las Vegas......Bliss Dance, a statue that was at Burning Man in 2014 (if I remember that fact right?).
She is now standing outside the T-Mobile Arena. Beautiful!

I tried an Acai bowl for the first time yesterday. I've had Acai juice before and I liked it and the Acai bowl was SO GOOD!
WOW - I have a new favorite thing to eat! Have you tried Acai yet? Don't be's really good!

Drove To Mount Charleston

Today me, Chhaya and Cindy (one of my fave photographers) drove to Mount Charleston to take some pictures. I'm see the results! I hope we got some good ones. For now here are a few that were taken with my phone.
Isn't Chhaya BEAUTIFUL? ❤ And look at the flowers!

Here is some fun Tatiana trivia for you! Back in 2007 me and Chhaya hiked all the way to the top of Mount Charleston. Elevation 11,916′. It took about 12 hours and it was challenging but at least we did it!


Compassion - can you feel it inside of you, that strong feeling inside your chest? Sometimes emotion run over and you tear up? EVERY day, EVERY single day I get news (if I choose to open my computer that is) of people acting in ways towards other living beings that make my heart hurt. WHY, JUST WHY? Can't you just be miserable on your own? Why inflict pain on others as well?
I feel bad if I step on a flower when hiking, I don't want to intentionally step on an insect either and I still think about a fish that I buried after catching it when I was 9 years old. After realizing what I had done that fish got a funeral and I was sad. What makes us a certain way? How come some inflict so much pain on others and then some feel bad over a fish that got buried decades ago?
This picture CLEARLY shows me how beautiful animals are. I am convinced that they are so much more intelligent and kind than us. I sometimes tell Chhaya that I know she is more evolved than me, it's just that I am not smart enough to understand her. She can take one look at my face and assess the situation. She can probably feel my soul.

Pic borrowed from Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.

And just a reminded that fighting dogs is a crime, in case you did not know yet......I am so for harsher punishment to people that abuse animals in any way.

And on a lighter note. Pumpkin is good for dogs, not sure if cats would benefit from it too? But I give Chaya pumpkin once in a while, I mix it into her food. This one from Sprouts is 100% pure and the can is not lined with BPA. That is important.

Almost Normal

I went to see a band play at the House Of Blues the other night. It's a band from Las Vegas called Almost Normal.
The reason I found out about the concert is because Ashley, the girl in the band told me about it a few days before it was scheduled and since I see Ashley on a fairly regular basis and think she seems pretty cool I decided to go and check her out. I was impressed by their performance! Especially by the synchronized amazing drumming they put on in the beginning and at the end, REALLY good! You can find music and videos by Almost Normal online.
There were some other bands playing afterwards but I decided to leave early and go home.