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Getting Colder

It is rapidly getting colder here.....and while I am writing this I got this comment come through, "When it is dark - I just remember that nothing we have ever found burns as bright as SuperNova." sweet! ❤ I hope that my writings/ramblings/opinions/attempts to be funny and pictures can somehow brighten up someones day if they need it or just a way to pass the time on a regular day. Regardless of what it is.....Thank You for reading and Thank You to the ones that bother to leave a comment. Is is much appreciated by me.....!
Here are the pictures Jim took of me and Chhaya yesterday. We went to Captain Cook State Park. I had a vision of me taking some fabulous pictures in my hip waders out in the water on Stormy Lake but no that did not work out. It was too dark and windy.

So we moved up on land. The leaves are changing colors and colder winds are coming in, leaves are starting to fall off the trees and I think it's safe to say that Fall has arrived in Alaska.