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Shoots & Video

I have done a few more shoots and even some videos in the last week. This is all for fun and nothing serious. I like photography and I think it's fun to have pics of myself and I am not a bit ashamed to admit that. Everybody else that takes selfies likes pics of themselves just as much as I do. I just happen to be lucky enough to know people that are willing to sacrifice their precious time and take pictures of me. And yes, I take selfies too. Tons. My phone is not called a phone, it's called " the selfie machine".
Barry gave me two prints. One is one of my fave pics of myself. We were shooting at some abandoned crazy looking area outside Vegas and came across a chair, then I found a light bulb laying there and that resulted in this badass pic. I think it's from 2011. And the black and white is from a hot spring in the Lake Mead area and I think it's from 2007 or perhaps 2008. Now I can frame them and hang them up. Cool!

Then Wolf came over and we took some pics and he shot videos of me. I'm not used to video, I have no acting aspirations whatsoever and watching the result, yourself in movement, is both strange and fascinating. Kind of like hearing yourself speak on a recording, it doesn't sound like you had imagined you would sound like. So yeah.....the video was weird to watch. It's short (about three minutes) and I don't speak, Wolf added some beautiful music to it. After watching it I decided that I should had concentrated more on my posture and sticking my butt out (didn't even cross my mind) and I should had washed my hair (looks like bleh) but I was not prepared for any video taking. Oh well, maybe next time. Here are some stills taken from the video. Chhaya participated too!

And a pic from the shoot. Look how cute Chhaya's face expression is......! Awwwww the baby!

Photographer Wolf189


This is one of my images from the shoot I did last Sunday. So it's basically brand new. I only got a few images to choose from and this might be the only one that I end up sharing from that shoot. Maybe one or two more, we'll see. That's how it goes sometimes. Wes, the photographer, told me to bring heels and boots. That's it. He shoots nudes. As you can see nude can be tasteful. When some people think of nude pics of girls they think of Hustler style pics. That is not my style. I don't mind shooting nudes as long as they look something in the line of this, or cute and playful. Everybody likes different things and views "art" differently.
To me this is art. And that is the actual sun shining like a huge star behind me, pretty cool!
I don't know how Wes did it but there were light reflectors on me and flashes bouncing off me.