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Some Pics

Here are some pics from that photo shoot I did in May (?) at South Fork Falls in Eagle River.
I am not that happy with the results, these two pics are the best and they are not exactly my best pics I have taken......but whatever, that's how it is sometimes.

Besides that, I have been cleaning tonight. Chhaya is not doing good. She was fine yesterday (Sunday, I am writing this early Tuesday morning), playing and being normal and today (Monday and until now) she is just not well. We are going to the vet this afternoon and I am feeling SAD and WORRIED because my baby is not well and I don't know what's wrong.
There is also a ton of small flies in my, not fruit flies or dirty house/rotten garbage kind of flies. I don't let it get too dirty. These flies come this time of year from the outside, the light from the house attracts them at night. I have a lamp by the bed and right now there are a ton of small flies crawling on the wall by the lamp, dying underneath the lamp and flying into my face, hair and the laptop. Gross.
The Wild Alaskan boat in Kodiak has turned out to be the biggest drama club I have ever encountered, I haven't said much about it here, I've been waiting, listening and pacing myself. Some more stuff took place on that boat yesterday, yet another dancer left in a hurry (two total now). I did not have anything close to the experiences as those two girls but I am not happy with what I am hearing and some of the stuff I saw and heard while on that boat. Although I did overall have a good experience. And that is all I have to say about that for now. My Chhaya is not well and that is my priority right now.