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Sun Is Shining

The sun is out and shining today! I have lots of energy and in a bit I am going to take Chhaya for a walk and then I am going to work on some projects around the house. I love getting things done and some days are great for that - like today!
I don't have a lot to write about right now, check back later. If I stay home tonight I will probably write a blog later......cause I know that YOU NEED!

Photographer KANE


It's a little after 6 pm and I just walked in the door, had a bunch of errands to do all over town today. Went to the post office to send off my Mom's birthday gift (Happy Birthday Mamma) and some Valentine's Day cards to friends and only that in itself is time consuming......the post office. Now I can sit down and write a quick entry then I have to feed Chhaya and fix something to eat for myself (maybe pancakes AGAIN, yum), get in the shower and go to work.
Well.......what I want to touch on a bit this evening is the misconception that seems to be existing in this small, narrow minded and gossipy town that all dancers are UGLY, disease ridden and overall some no good people. That kind of goes for dancers everywhere since I have danced in quite a few places. HA! Well, to settle that matter here and now you can see for yourself that a dancer can be ok looking........ ;-)
Many of them are pretty, many are average and many of them are not. Kind of like people everywhere you know?

Photographer Barry Gallegos

It is very easy to sit anonymously behind a computer screen and spew out your jealous hate and insecurities and misconceptions. I have a feeling that many of the women that do that might look something like this . And I don't even look like that on a VERY bad day. LOL. But more on this subject tomorrow, if I have the time.
And before I go, click here so you can feel a bit more annoyed over how smug I can be. ;-)
Have a nice Friday night everyone!