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Have you ever been to some kind of a nudist resort? Spent some time around a group of naked people and it kind of becomes "normal" after a while?
Tatiana has been to plenty of hot springs and some nude beaches too, she usually keeps her panties on, doesn't want any sand in the VAGINE.
In Sweden, topless at the beach is common. The nude beach Tatiana visited was in Maui. It was really cool, fun and very laid back. Not at all creepy.
Tatiana is pretty comfortable with nudity you can say. She has seen so many naked girls, she lost count a long time ago. Yeah, lucky huh?
Tatiana wonders how many naked girls Landis has seen? Thousands? Hmmmmm.....interesting, does he even CARE anymore? That's a great idea for a book. A strip club dj's memoir.
There is a time and place for it though in society. Tatiana is not going to strip down naked and go in to the grocery store, loading up on bread and fruit.
Here is what Patrick Demarchelier thinks of nudity. He is a famous photographer.
"Nude is always in fashion. There's more expression in a nude than a clothed picture. The human body is like a sculpture."
Here is a very "in fashion" pic of Tatiana, almost nude. Pay attention to the "expression"!


This pic belongs to Tatiana, so don't get any ideas........!