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Another hot spring

Hot springs! To get up at 7 am after sleeping for barely four hours to drive for two hours to get to some hot springs, means you really love going to hot springs. Then driving back for two hours and just having enough time to eat a bit, shower and get ready to work until 2 am.
This time we went to Orvis hot springs. The drive there was seriously beautiful. The US has some amazing scenery. Long stretches of untouched mountains, hills and beautiful nature. And the big skies. Wow.
Orvis hot springs was a very nice place. $ 14 will get you entry to various hot pools with natural water with various mineral content. Free super yummy coffee and tea. You can get a massage if you want and even spend the night.
We just soaked in the different pools for about four hours. Niiiiceeee........
We did manage to get into some trouble too. Of course. Since Orvis is clothing optional you can't take pictures, in case one of the naked people decides they don't want to be caught on camera. Fair enough.
Well, Tatiana and Angelica love taking pictures, hello it's called memories and it's FUN. So we took a bunch of pictures of ourselves at Orvis hot springs. There were not many people around and we only took pictures when we were totally alone in a pool, just to make sure that nobody would get upset and think that we were taking pictures of them. Like we are so not interested in random naked people.
One male employee saw us taking pictures at the indoor pool, again, we were alone and totally goofing off. He was laughing at us and gave us thumbs up.
Later on, while lounging, sans cameras, in the water, a very upset female employee came up to us and started ranting about that she knew we had been taking pictures AND that we were acting inappropriate (???) and if we would get caught not behaving again in this "family" oriented setting we would be asked to leave. oriented? There were a bunch of balls and penises catching some sun all over Orvis that day, legs spread wide open, some bushy vagines too. At least we were topless only. How is taking pictures of each other, laughing and having a good time in general inappropriate? Tatiana could understand if she would had been taking pictures of other people, but she didn't.
Orvis is SO worth a visit, really, if you ever drive through Colorado on the 550 highway, stop by Orvis and enjoy the hot springs.

Major drama

Tatiana had major drama last night. She does not want to get into any details really. But she wonders WHY so many of her friends (in the US) are like half crazy?
Yesterday Tatiana had a long talk with her long time friend Rose-Marie, that lives in Sweden. Rose-Marie thinks that Tatiana should only surround herself with positive people that can bring good things to her life instead of people that constantly bring problems for Tatiana. She is probably right.
But Tatiana is a very loyal friend and finds it easy to forgive people for all the shitty things they do. Life goes on right?
And other peoples problems and insanity will not bring Tatiana down. Never.
It's sunny outside, Tatiana is taking Chhaya to a beautiful place where she can run free.
Rose-Marie ran in to and talked to Bingo Rimer in Sweden the other week, and guess what they talked about? Tatiana. He wants her to contact him. Interesting. Tatiana is excited over this. Tatiana reads Bingo's live in partner's blog, Katrin (also Polish but lives in Sweden). She mentions that here

And Rose-Marie got Bingo's new book for Tatiana to read. "En flickfotografs bekannelser." Tatiana is looking forward to reading it.

Sunday night repose

After some anxious debating back and forth in her head, Tatiana decided not to work tonight. She and Angelica got up at 8 am this morning after less than 5 hours of sleep from the night before, to go to Glenwood Springs to the hot spring there.
Spent the day in the warm waters of Glenwood Springs, ate a huge meal at a Mexican place. Angelica decided to take the night off and finally Tatiana made her mind up to do the same. She will read and watch Sarah Palin's new show on TLC.
It will be nice to rest a little. One week left here.
Last night Tatiana though that she needed a first AND a last name when she is at work, there are two girls at the club with a first and last name, when they get announced to go on stage. After some quick thinking Tatiana is now Tatiana Tornado. Catchy huh? Sounds hot.
When Tatiana gets back to Vegas she has a paid photo shoot, that will make up for taking the night off somewhat. Noooooo, not for Eager Beaver magazine.
A little classier than that.
Yes, there has been some paid photo shoots, fashion shows and convention work in Vegas, paid but since the pay is not like what Kate Moss earns annually and Tatiana is dancing way more than doing paid modeling, she does not call herself a model by profession.
Right now Tatiana Tornado is sitting at glamorous Safeway, it's almost empty here, writing - just so YOU can keep up with what's going on in Tatiana's world.
Now, that's dedication!

Au naturel

Hot springs

Went to some hot spring the other day. Tatiana and Angelica like to do outdoorsy stuff like that. Made it to two different hot springs. The second one is called Penny Hot Spring and is located right on a river. It snowed outside while we enjoyed the warm water. Chhaya loves hot springs, she will just sit in them and look relaxed and content.
We are going to go to at least two more hot springs before we leave here. Got to love nature!

Polish & Perfect

Tatiana's muddy butt

So far at the new club

The club turned out to be ok, so far.
Girls are nice and the staff are all really cool. It doesn't get too crowded so there is lot's of boring sitting around time. Some real pretty girls. That's a good thing.
Tatiana fell "in love" and proposed to the most perfect girl. Her name is Luxury and she came in from Salt Lake with her friend Xenia. Luxury turned out to be Russian and her friend from the Ukraine. This Luxury girl was one of the most perfect girls Tatiana has ever seen in a strip club. Or outside of one too for that matter. Dark brown long hair with some red tones in it, petite, natural, the most perfect bubble butt. That Tatiana grabbed, with Luxury's permission, of course. Body in super good shape. Beautiful face and a really good dancer. She did some amazing pole work. She told Tatiana that she has installed a 13 foot pole in her house.
Lot's of girls know how to climb the pole and twirl around it. But many that do pole tricks can do them but it doesn't look that good, uncontrolled and jerky. This girl, Luxury was SO good. Tatiana thinks she must had been in some serious gymnastic training when she was little. Anyhow, Luxury was so beautiful........WOW.
Her friend Xenia was nice but looked like she had just stepped off the boat from behind the Iron Curtain. She had an awkward looking hair piece attached to the side of her head that fell off when she hung upside down from the pole. The hair piece laid on stage like road kill. Funny stuff.
Here are some club rules. Actually Tatiana can think of many butt holes she had the pleasure (NOT) to happen to stare into at work due to a miniscule g string not covering everything up. Especially this one girl at The Bush, Tatiana did many dances at the same time as her in the booths at The Bush, and this girl always had on some super small butt hole revealing g string for some reason, she also always did a lot of dances. Hmmmmmm.
Kissing customers (meaning on the mouth)? Like, GROSS. That should be a given and not have to be written down. Tatiana does not even like to kiss people on the cheek cause that messes up her perfect MAC lip gloss application. Yuck.
Crotch diving? Sounds dangerous......Do you have rules like these posted at YOUR place of employment? LOL. Hey everyone, remember no crotch diving, ok?
Be nice to customers? What? We have to be nice? WTF!!!? If anything they should be nice to Tatiana. Well, the people that read this know that Tatiana is nice, in her own Tatiana way.

Cover up that butthole!

Polish Princesses

Tatiana is in Colorado

So Tatiana and Chhaya made it safely to a location in Colorado, where Tatiana is not saying.......yet.
The drive was long but scenic, Tatiana had some moments where she felt really blessed and happy to be alive. To be able to travel and see things, that's a great feeling. The thought that there are places in this world where women are not allowed to do things on their own is hard to grasp.
Though Tatiana got in late last night, she jumped in the shower, got ready and went to work.
Put in 4 hours and after paying the club, the dj and security she had $ 173 to herself. Even her worst night in Williston at Heartbreakers was above $ 200. Hmmmmm, hopefully the weekend will be better.
The club is nice, roomy, not too many girls (they were ranging from ok to pretty, nothing awful so far). Bu there were not many guys in the club either and many girls were complaining over the situation, not a good sign.
Julia actually stayed behind in Vegas and went to work at Crazy Hose Three and made more than Tatiana, so not bad! Tatiana was hoping not to work in Vegas, cause she is tired of it but she also said never say never. We'll see.....
Anyhow. On a positive note. Chhaya is here, the weather and scenery.......absolutely gorgeous! Tatiana is planning on hiking and exploring, maybe zip lining, hot springs and a trip to Moab to see the world famous arches. FUN!
And even better, Tatiana's friend Angelica is flying in from Chicago tomorrow to work with her. That will be fun. We can speak Polish all night long. These poor guys here don't know what will hit them, working with Angelica is super fun. Lot's of laughing and joking around.
Right now Tatiana is sitting at a super snazzy Starbucks. Very artsy and nice. Feeling well and sipping on a vanilla latte.

Late night thoughts

Tatiana is feeling super tired. But she has to pull it together and pack for tomorrow. She is taking off to try a new club. It is nice to have time off and all but it's also nice to work and make money. It will only be for 10 days. And Chhaya is coming too!
When Tatiana comes back she wants to go to RC Farms here in Las Vegas, it's a piggy farm. She is going to bring the piggys some food, like apples and pumpkin. And kisses.
Tatiana recently discovered an author, Rula Jebreal, who wrote Miral, a true life story novel that now is a movie, not yet released here.
Tatiana is planning on reading Miral and seeing the movie. Tatiana loves reading about life in other places. And this Rula Jebreal is not only an author, she is also a journalist and seems very intelligent. And she is very beautiful. It is so refreshing when you see a beautiful woman that is out there doing something of substance instead of just sitting around doing nothing of importance, just because she can, due to her beauty.
Miral is about the on going conflict in Israel and Palestine and about growing up in that area. A conflict that most of the world somehow is affected by in one way or another. Conflict of interest and religion.
Rula's father supposedly said "The danger is not in the sacred books. It's in the minds of those who interpret them".

Hottest guy in Vegas

This is THE hottest guy in Vegas. Tatiana almost fainted when she saw him. His name is Brandon Pereyda and he performs in Zumanity.
He is on fire. YUM! And he likes boys. But whatever. He is gorgeous!

Tatianas totally normal day

Woke up around 11 am. Took Chhaya out. Really nice out today.
Felt very motivated and went through a pile of old, saved magazines and decided what to keep and what not to keep. And went through other things to get rid of in the garage. If somebody wants some old fashion mags and some random Playboy and Maxim, come raid the dumpster outside Tatiana's house. Lots of reading material to be found.
Went to Whole Foods, one of Tatiana's fave places, got sandwich, almond croissant and coffee.
Took Chhaya to park for a walk and run.
Came home. Showered. Drove down to Town Square with Julia, prayed that we would get there alive cause Julia drives like crazy, though she pointed out to Tatiana that she has never been in an accident. Walked around Town Square. Got a Murad face wash from Sephora, hope to look like 15 again after using it for a while.
Then we needed Starbucks. Tatiana took self portraits with her iced vanilla latte at Starbucks, she is feeling generous and is sharing one of the pics with you.
Then Planet Hollywood mall. Just some random strolling around. Looked for bra's at Victoria's Secret. Tatiana was hoping to find a cute and sexy bra to bring to the new club she is about to try out in a few days. But no, Victoria didn't have anything interesting.
Tatiana needs new lingerie.
Then drove home, first a stop at Fresh & Easy, cupcake craving.
Got home. Julia took out her puppy Spike and then Tatiana took out Chhaya. Spike ate, then peed on the carpet, he had a tantrum. Then he proceeded to lick his "thing". His thing is HUGE, Spike is a Chihuahua. Tatiana was shocked to see the size of this "thing". If Spike was human, he would be a pornstar. Tatiana took a few photos of Spike licking his privates but she decided to respect Spike's wishes and not post them here. They are very X rated. And Tatiana's blog is rather innocent and sweet, she doesn't want to shock anyone.
Then some hot tea and carrot cupcake.
Soon, a leg waxing session. Tatiana has not shaved since Williston. Tonight she is ripping all the hair away form her legs, nice.
Then some reading, she got the latest issue of Vogue waiting by the bed.
Yeay, super great day!

Tatiana posing with her latte

Giant stripper statue. Nice!