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Girl crushes

Today Tatiana picked up Maxim mag from Borders. Not because she thinks Maxim is a good mag, no it's quite dumb, guys if you read Maxim.......don't believe much of the stupid "articles"in there. Playboy is more interesting. Tatiana picked up this issue because of Joanna Krupa on the cover. Joanna is a very beautiful POLISH model that Tatiana thinks is gorgeous. And after reading the interview Tatiana likes her even more. Joanna is an animal rights activist and she makes a statement about Michael Vick and his totally inexcusable antics. She also says "God created the body and there's nothing wrong with showing it naked. AMEN on that, Tatiana agrees!
What makes a girl physically attractive according to Tatiana? Well......Tatiana likes model types, beautiful face AND figure. A lot of guys like either big boobs or a big butt. Tatiana likes nice boobs and a nice butt, nice long legs, nice flat stomach with a defined waist, nice hair, nice posture, good walk, fine features, beautiful smile, clear skin. Basically a more model looking girl.
Here are some examples.........Kate Moss, Gisele Bundchen, Paulina Porizkova, Tatiana Patitz, Anna Kournikova, Monica Hansen, Angelina Jolie portraying Lara Croft, Aishwarya name a few. Oh, and of course Ellen! Tatiana loves Ellen, she wishes she was married to her. And Britney (Spears), she is so sexy and she can dance, the dancing part is a huge plus.
Tatiana has no problem acknowledging a beautiful girl when she sees one. She will even compliment them, no jealousy here. Tatiana loves watching a pretty girl, it's like art.
Here's a Joanna pic. Nice huh?

Ventured out tonight

Tatiana decided to help support the local strippers tonight and ventured out to some strip clubs. Taylor was happy to go with her, Taylor is the blonde beauty in the Girdwood Forest Fair pic.
First on the agenda was Sin Rock. Most of the girls were quite young and not very in tune with their bodies or sensual/sexual at all. It was more like watching a bad YouPorn video over and over again. Scary. Tatiana felt like a concerned parent and almost wanted to stage some interventions for a few of the girls. This was a rather painful place. Nice girls but no clue to what they were doing. This is probably what Tatiana was like in the beginning, oh horrid thought!
Another visit to Sin Rock in the future? Ich don't think so.
Then it was time for PJ's. This club has the reputation of being the place were strippers go to Tatiana had to go and see.......who knows this might be where Tatiana retires one day? You never know what the future holds.
There were five ladies working and T&T watched them all take their turn on stage. These ladies were older but more seasoned......but it is still a pretty sad place. There was like nobody in there. One dancer was really thin and bony with big bruises on her ass. Since there is no snow on the streets, T&T decided that the bruises were caused by a combination of stage work and diving for crack. This dancer also wore some tennis shoes that were falling apart on stage. She needs new ones, maybe we should start up a collection?
T&T got new found appreciation for themselves tonight.
Yeah......T&T ventured out in the pouring rain to support these girls, if they can do it, so can you! Grab some money and go and show the local talent how much you love them! Stimulate the economy! Save America!

Laying in bed back in Anchorage

Tatiana left Soldotna at 4 30 am this morning when she was done with work. She is planning on going back to Charlies but she is not exactly sure when. Sometimes soon. Otherwise the Soldotna men will miss her too much.
After about an hour of driving it was time to pull over for a nap. Then a stop at The Bake Shop in Girdwood for some breakfast.
Tatiana is tired, she has not slept yet. As soon as she got home she turned on VH1. The finale of "Daisy Of Love" was this last Sunday but Tatiana missed it because she did not have a tv in Soldotna. OH NO!!!!! Lucky for her, Daisy came on soon after Tatiana got home.
And as Tatiana predicted back in May........Daisy chose London! YEAY! They fit really good together and they look so cute, now Tatiana has a huge crush on both London AND Daisy. Tatiana wishes them a happy relationship. BUT Tatiana has a serious crush on London, he is beyond sexy and good looking. If him and Daisy are not together anymore, Tatiana wants him. YUMMY!
Tatiana is laying in bed, too fatigued to unload the car, unpack and take a shower.
She wants a foot rub and a massage, ice cream and a nap. And London.

Double Rainbow

Today Tatiana saw the most perfect rainbow, bright colors and a huge perfect arch. Then a few minutes later a second rainbow appeared above the first one. Tatiana can't recall seeing this before. It was so pretty and special, Tatiana felt really lucky.

Good Time Charlies

Tatiana decided to try a new club. There's one in Soldotna called Good Time Charlies and they NEED Tatiana. Really need!
Soldotna is about 150 miles away from Anchorage. Somebody told Tatiana to go to Charlies with an open mind.
Well, the club itself is rather rinky dinky. But it doesn't really matter. Tatiana has worked in many sk "upscale" clubs before and that doesn't mean anything.
What's funny about this place is the decorations, rather hilarious, duct tape holding the carpet together on the ground (easy to stumble on with 7' heels), silver Christmas style flowing thingies hanging from various places, a pinata in a corner, the lap dance romance area (hey the dj calls it the romance room, lol). There are two dogs running around, ruling the place, super cute. Tatiana made two new friends (the dogs) and cuddled with them on an old couch in front of the fake fire place that has a sliding show picture frame on top of it with pictures that are just TOO funny.
What's not so funny is that smoking is allowed. BLEH. Gross. And some of the things that go on in the romance room. HELLO! Like too much at times. But since Tatiana doesn't participate in extra curricular touching she tried not to pay too much attention to the action as long as she was getting dances. If you get a dance from Tatiana you are getting first class quality and a memory.......not just whatever . It's like getting a fine rare wine instead of a tepid low quality beer. But some people rather have the tepid beer because a fine wine might be too much for them to process and that's ok with Tatiana.
Overall this has been a fun and good experience so far. Why leave The Bush for a few days? Because it got boring and when Tatiana gets bored she needs something new.
So far Tatiana has been racking up Alaskan experiences......there are some things left that she wants to do. getting it on in the back of a Ford truck maybe? LOL.
Or sharing a nice bottle of Boone's Farm under a bridge somehwere..........romantic!

Monday morning rain

It's early Monday morning........Tatiana is actually up. It's raining outside, it was raining yesterday too. So far it has been such a gorgeous summer so the rain is probably needed. Rain is kind of comfy, as long as it doesn't rain for days and days. This summer has been one of Tatianas best. Vegas summers are more torturous since it is scorching hot during the day and you have to wait until the evening to be able to do something. But in Alaska you can do whatever outside during the day, the weather has been perfect. Tatiana does NOT want the summer to end! She feels a little panicky when she thinks about fall and winter, she hopes that the summer will slowly unfold because she wants to enjoy it to the fullest.

This weeks plans besides work and having a great week in general? A pedicure is much needed. Tatiana got a pretty pastel blue for her toes. And yes, sometimes even Chhaya gets her little toe nails painted, this time it will probably be the pastel blue for her too.
Girdwood with Chhaya, maybe hike up Mount Aleyaska. Vacuum. Post office. Bank. Various iced vanilla latte with whipped cream rounds.
And what are YOUR plans?

Helped a porcupine

Last night at work was bordering torture. Extremely drunk people, dumb beyond normal and not spending money. Nightmare! Somehow Tatiana managed to stay until the end and boy, was she happy when she was in her car driving home!
When she pulled in to the parking area a neighbor was outside and informed Tatiana that a porcupine had somehow ended up there. Not a good place for a porcupine! Full of cars, asphalt, dogs and mean people.
So Tatiana emptied a large trash can, her and the neighbor lured the porcupine into the trash can. And then they walked down to the river and a small forest where they set the porcupine free. During the walk Tatiana named the porcupine "PORKI". It was so cute, with a small face and a little black nose. Porki kept still in the trash can, she or he knew that it was going somewhere better. Tatiana assured Porki that everything was going to be ok.
So this night that started kind of bad ended up great after Tatiana had the honor of helping Porki!

You smell SOOOOOO good!

Tatiana hears that at work. A lot. I mean, shouldn't she at least smell somewhat appealing while working at a strip club she thinks? People have really been insisting that Tatiana smells extremely good. One guy even had a theory that it is Tatianas aura that is so good and pure that it exudes in the way she smells. Tatiana likes that theory.
Well, personal hygiene is the absolute necessity for smelling good. It's the base. Without that you can't possibly smell even somewhat good. Yes, there are days when Tatiana skips the shower, sometimes more than a couple of days in a row, like when she goes camping for example. But there is always a shower before work. Not always shaving though......Tatiana doesn't mind a little stubble sometimes.
And then lotion. Supposedly Tatiana has very, very soft skin too. That's what she hears..........hey, it's not her fault, ok!
And then at work, perfume. Tatiana likes certain perfumes. One that she has loved for years is "Petite Cherie" by Annick Goutal. She has even been stopped by strangers in the middle of the day, many times, inquiring what perfume that is while wearing "Petite Cherie". Soooooo yummy!
Another favorite is "Viva La Juicy" by Juicy or "Juicy" by Juicy.
Actually there are some girls at work that are stinky. That's gross. Like BO stinky. Or stinky crotch. Seriously gross. If Tatiana went to a strip club and got a dance and the girl had BO she would probably have to interrupt the dance. Tatiana doesn't want other peoples stinky germs all over her.
The most important is personal hygiene, there's water in the faucets here in this country and soap is cheap. And then it's up to the individual if they want to enhance themselves with deoderant or perfume. It's not necessary as long as you don't stink. And don't wear a bad perfume either, that should be a crime, as should having BO while working in the strip club. Tatiana gets annoyed when she can smell BO on a coworker, shower already!
The only thing that can possibly smell a little weird is self tanner. Those do have a certain scent to them but at least they don't smell like some old BO.
Right now Tatiana is brown due to self tanner. Fake tan! Awesome!
BO by the way, for all of Tatianas non American friends that are reading this and might be wondering is Body Odor.

People disgust me

So by now you probably know that Tatiana loves animals?
Here are some recent events that just confirmed even more for Tatiana that many human beings are just plain disgusting.

A recent dog fighting ring discovered and more than 400 dogs seized. Police say that members of the dog fighting ring would routinely destroy injured dogs by shooting them in the head, throwing the dogs in the river or burning them in a barrel.
WHY? What's the point of this kind of activity anyways? Is it fun? Entertaining?
Tatianas solution to dealing with the people involved with this? PUBLIC EXECUTION. And no, she is not joking. People like these are just disgusting and have no function in society. Would you like one of them as a friend or neighbor? Just shoot them already. Maybe then others will think twice before subjecting innocent dogs to activities like this.

The recent running with the bulls in Spain. At least five injured and one dead due to injuries caused by the bulls. After scaring the bulls and angering them the bulls face an almost certain death. This is just plain animal cruelty! Tatiana doesn't even understand why this can continue to go on? So what that it's some kind of a tradition? There are many sk old traditions that we no longer deal with because it's 2009 and the world is evolving. Or at least you would hope it's evolving? Does Tatiana feels sorry for the dumb asses injured or killed during an event like this? Of course not! She feels sorry for the bulls that have to deal with these sorry excuses for humans.

I love Chhaya!

I love my dog!
The origin of the name Chhaya is Hindu/Indian and it means shadow or shade.
It also means astral being. Nice huh?
I pronounce her name KAIA.
I looooooveeeee my dog SO much! She is part of my life in almost everything I do. And yes, she can sleep in bed if she wants to, she sleeps where ever she wishes. I spoil her with LOTS of kisses and hugs, dogs are meant to be spoiled.
Tatiana can't stand people that are mean to animals!