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Halloween aftermath

Halloween is probably Tatiana's fave holiday. This one wasn't as much fun as usual.....Tatiana feels a little sad over this fact and she is already hoping that next years Halloween will make up for this year.
One of the reasons it wasn't as much fun was probably that Tatiana didn't visit any haunted houses, didn't decorate her own house since she has basically been living in Anchorage since a while now. No longer stay in LA was involved this year either.
Tatiana did fly down to Las Vegas to take care of some necessities and she drove to LA and attended Monster Massive which gathered up an enormous amount of people this year. WOW. But something was.......absent.......somehow.
While in Vegas, Tatiana realized how much she had missed her place, her nice big, comfy bed with all of it's pillows and pink sheets, her books, her kitchen. She savored every minute in that bed.
LA smelled of the ocean as always, full of life and crazy, crazy making traffic.
Tatiana was Lara Croft for Halloween, it was great to be her, couldn't bring in the guns to the party though, some law in California. LAPD wouldn't allow it, so Lara had to put the guns in the car.
Lara Croft again last night at The Bush, Tatiana liked being Lara so much she might be Lara every year from now on. Got many compliments on the resemblance which was very flattering.
Tonight Lara is.......erm...... Tatiana is, resting with some movies and Chhaya at her feet.
In a few days it is election day. Scary.