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Another dog fighting ring broken up

Yet another dog fighting ring has recently been broken up in Texas this time. More than 160 dogs were used for fighting and this operation gathered many spectators.
"A lot of people in Texas still believe that dog fighting is entertainment," Department of Public Safety spokeswoman Lisa Block said. "We are here to tell you it is not entertainment. It is a crime."
The ring spanned five counties and involved dog fights with as many as 100 spectators at a time who bet on the contests, officials said.
Entertainment???? Tatiana is seriously disgusted! Burned dog remains were found at the premises. Many of the surviving dogs will be euthanized pretty much right away and the rest will end up in a shelter and will have a hard time getting adopted. This is so sad! One of the arrested was a teacher. A few years in jail is not enough as a punishment for something like this. This is totally disgusting, inhumane, gross.
The people involved should have their genitals tazed until they are not functioning anymore.
These dogs were used and abused severely. No animal should be treated this way.
No animal should be used as some kind of a sick entertainment for disturbed people.
If some people in Texas still believe this is a form of entertainment Tatiana feels truly sorry for Texas. Backward imbeciles!
It is proven that many individuals that take pleasure in mistreating animals also have sociopath tendencies and might hurt a human down the line. Individuals like this should be where they belong, in jail for life.
When are people going to understand that this is wrong? If there are people out there that want to see a fight, let them put willing people to fight in a ring. Not animals!
Remember that disgusting so called human Michael Vick that made headlines recently for dog fighting? He had dogs that didn't perform well in fights electrocuted, hanged and drowned. What kind of a person does that? Would you like to even be associated with someone like that?
Tatiana wouldn't even waste her spit to spit in their faces. She wishes that the law would be rewritten for crimes like this. If you willingly and knowingly inflict physical pain on another person or an animal you should get a very long mandatory jail sentence and suffer physical pain, preferably to the crotch.
If YOU that is reading this, thinks that animal abuse is ok, please STOP reading Tatiana's blog. She wants nothing to do with subhumans.


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