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Up Early

I woke up at 7 am today. Without an alarm. That is unusual. But there was no clubbing last night. At Starbucks right now, having breakfast. Latte and a Greek yogurt. The Greek yogurt at Starbucks is yummy, try one and see for yourself.
No clubbing last night. Instead we went to some stores and had Mexican food. Do I need any more Hello Kitty stuff? I decided not to get a new Hello Kitty makeup box although I was tempted. The one I have is still holding up. I want like all cute Hello Kitty stuff that I see.

Such a cute backpack!

It was raining in Chicago last night. Even some thunder and lightning. It was nice, the rain was warm - I loved it.

Now I am going back to the house to take a shower and get ready for today. Not sure what we are doing yet. Sightseeing I think.


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Anonymous on :

How long are you in Chicago? No fan photos & autographs? We are very EXCITE you are here, looks like you have been dancing up a storm!

Tatiana on :

Maybe a fan meetup next time I am here if there is still a need for that......

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