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Tatiana hates hunting as a "sport"

The other day Tatiana watched a show on tv that followed a 17 year old and his Dad as they went raccoon hunting, just for the fun of it. All they wanted to do was to kill the raccoon, so they could satisfy their need for fun and something to do. How about a game of chess instead? They went out late at night with their dog, the dog eventually chased a raccoon up a tree. The raccoon was so scared, it was screaming for it's life, while the kid and his Dad shook the tree and made the raccoon fall down so they could shoot it. T.O.T.A.L.L.Y D.I.S.G.U.S.T.I.N.G OK?
Or the people that go on "exotic trips" to Africa so they can shoot a zebra, a lion, an elephant or some other animal, and then display the dead animal, as a "trophy" in their living room. What is up with that?
Don't animals have the same right as you or me to exist? Humans are the ones that decided that we are on top of the sk food chain. That doesn't make that the absolute truth though. We should be evolved enough to realize that hunting for fun is totally barbaric and wrong.
Tatiana is convinced that animals have feelings.
And no, Tatiana doesn't eat meat. She is not always a 100% vegetarian. She eats meat sometimes, rarely. But she does believe that if you are going to kill an animal, the animal should serve a purpose, meaning food. The purpose shouldn't be because killing is fun and it is my so called God given right to hunt and kill. Whatever! That is gross. And if an animal is killed, preferably it should be done as quick and painless and respectful as possible. Kosher is a good way.
This is Tatiana's opinion and it doesn't mean that she is right and you are wrong, if you happen to hunt and eat lots of meat. It's just an opinion.......Tatiana strongly supports animal rights. She detest all meaningless hunting and killing of anything.


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