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I wish I was a superheroine today because I would jump into my costume and fly down to some crummy trailer park in Georgia and personally re arrange the face of a loser dude that unleashed his two dogs on a little cute pet piggy that got lost inside the park. Then he stabbed the little piggy several times (23) in front of some kids. This idiot was also charged with animal cruelty a few years ago for keeping dogs and cats in dirty cages with no food and water. SO WHY is he today the owner of (at least) two dogs I am wondering?!
The little piggy survived but is in critical condition at a vet's office. I don't know what is going to happen to the two dogs, unfortunately they are pitbulls and because of that fact alone the chances are high that they will be put down. I hope some animal lover gets involved and offers them a good home. I am sure they are good dogs that ended up with a shitty owner, something that happens all the time.
I hope the trashy ghetto loser gets jail time and I also hope that he gets raped repeatedly in jail by some large dudes until he bleeds profusely out of his ass.
I HATE people that mistreat animals. I wouldn't mind beating the shit out of those so called human beings myself, I would get immense pleasure from that. One more thing, since this guy obviously is cruel and unintelligent he should also be chemically castrated so he doesn't produce any kids that grow up to be like him. But since he is 23 already and lives in some trailer park in Georgia, chances are high that he already managed to impregnate a few chick. Too bad. But it is still not too late to castrate him to prevent any further spawning. I believe in population control and I don't want to share this planet with imbeciles like him and others that are like that.

Well, I have to take MY pitbull for a walk in the sun. If you have a pet I do hope that you love it and spoil it, if not you should not be a pet owner. Some people are not made to be parents or have pets, that is just how it is.
After the walk I am going to get ready. I am meeting up with some girlfriends for dinner later.


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