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Thousands Of Pics

The other night I was going through some of my cd's with pics from photo shoots that I have made, quite a task, lots of cd's and thousands of pics. Some of the pics I was hoping to use for the blog.......when I first started this blog in 2006 I had a different idea in mind for the concept but I like what I am doing with it now way more than the original idea. That would not had worked anyway in hindsight. So I might as well put up some of the pics from some of the old shoots here, since that was the intention anyways.
Let's start with this one. I got contacted by the photographer, as with most of my shoots. He had an idea and some costumes he wanted me to pose in. Girl scout, wedding dress and anime. The agreement was that I was going to get a certain amount of images that I picked out for me to keep. Well, he never kept his end of the bargain. Therefore I can only put up pics from the shoot that have "RAW PROOF" stamped all over them, the images are not cropped or retouched in any kind of way as you can see. These are the only pics I have, basically a half finished product. But whatever, they are still cute and kind of funny. Also, I was the first one of his models (he claimed) that could zip that wedding dress all the way up. Huh? I don't know what larger size girls he had worked with in the past, that dress wasn't even that small.
One thing that I have a very hard time with is people that don't keep their promises, whether they flake or flat out lie because they have bad intentions from the start.
Or borrow something from me and then do not give it back, whether it is money or an item. Unfortunately I have met too many people like that. But I have learned my lesson, I am not borrowing anything to anyone anymore. You need money? Go to the bank. And with photographers, so far two didn't deliver - both prime examples of douche bags thinking that they are something special. Well, they can go and sit on a spiky cactus. They should hope they never run into me somewhere because I will rip them a new one. Let's see if they will feel so high and mighty then. The thing with me is that I am not scared to confront anyone face to face if I think they deserve it, especially if they did me wrong. It is easy to send nasty e mails, text messages or play the ignoring somebody game. I am not scared of confrontation, at all.
Having said that, here are the pics.


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