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I decided to stay home this Saturday night. My laziness took over but I have also been feeling cold all day, tired and I'm not in the mood to breathe in cigarettes tonight.
So instead I started going through some of my pics. I have thousands. To pick out only a few is a project. I have done many shoots with Barry Gallegos, I like many of the pics we got. Do a search for his name in my blog's searchbar to see some of them. One of my fave pics that Barry took is this one. I think it is bad ass and that I look like a super hero.

I think that Barry liked it too because he put it on the cover on a photo book that he did. See it here

More pics.....

Photographer Barry Gallegos

What I am hoping to do in the future is some faerie or mermaid style pics.
More outside pics with waterfalls, lakes, the ocean, large trees, dramatic scenery like a flat landscape and a big sky, sunsets........stuff like that.
But now I am going to drink tea, have some cheese and crackers and watch SNL.


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