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Another Great Day

Started my day with a visit to the gym with Julia. Ended the visit with some time on the stairmaster, pure torture, I can't believe I used to sweat on that thing for 30 minutes back in the day. How did I do that? Here I am on some arm machine.

Then we just had to get some lattes at the Fashion Show Mall, strolled over to the Palazzo Shops too. I've decided that I want to become a lady who does lunch. I want to shop all day, sip lattes and munch on pastries. Get pedicures, facials and massages.

I found a new line of fragrances and lotions that I just looooove now, TokyoMilk Dark.
Great names too, like Arsenic and Bulletproof. They all smelled wonderful but I finally picked
La Vie La Mort, mmmmmmmmm! Love the bottle. Cute huh?

Vegas is full of fun characters trying to make a buck through all kind of ways. I told Julia we should put on some kind of a show and charge people for it. My idea was to dress as nurses and inject tired shoppers and tourists with Vitamin B shots on The Strip. We get the shots for $ 15 and charge $ 30, profit! And an extra $ 10 if they want us to pose with them for a fan photo.
I think this is a great idea! Remember - Tatiana came up with this genius idea first in case you want to steal it.......... ;-)

Today was one of those beautiful Vegas October days. When the sun went down the sky turned pink and the moon appeared.

In the evening my wish to go to a haunted house this year finally came to fruition. I met up with my friends Rich and Ulrika at The Hard Rock and we had some fun. BOOOOOOOOO!!!


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