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With my Best Friend

These pictures make me soooooo happy and proud. I am proud that my baby Chhaya is so pretty, so fun, so willing to do whatever I ask of her. I am immensely grateful that she is in my life. My best friend. I love her so much!!!

Photographer Eye on Alaska.


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bil w/1L on :

Those are some great pics. Makes me miss my Pitties.

Tatiana on :

Pitbulls are great!

Bill on :

Omg, you and your dog are great! My girlfriend (works at Flashdancers here in NYC) and we stumbled across this site by accident. Love it! We have a pit bull that we rescued and he is our baby. He ALSO is allowed on bed, couch. He essentially rules the roost. LOL. Keep up the good work and we love reading your blog.

Tatiana on :

I would love to get a rescue pit one day!
Your gf works at Flash? I worked there too, a long time ago. When I was in NYC back in December I tried working there again but they told me no because of too many girls so I went to Private Eyes and New York Dolls instead, did not like it, not as good as Flash.
Thank you for reading and for the comment!

George on :

Oh wow what a lovely post,this is why I loved visiting your blog. Thanks for all the work that you put into your blog and do keep it up.

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