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A couple of more pics by Barry Gallegos. I have a few more from that shoot that I will put up in the the next few days, so if you don't like looking at pics of me - oh well. I guess there are other blogs.

I woke up after only less than five hours of sleep today, not sure why. So I am feeling tired, cooking food right now and then I am taking my Chhaya and my book and spending my afternoon outside, sprawled out on a blanket. I love sleeping outside, hearing the wind rustle through the leaves of the trees.

Last night was even worse than Friday. Wow! There were very few people in there and too many girls. I got annoyed twice.
A drunk idiot smacked me hard on my butt on his way out. I pushed him but he was a stocky guy so that didn't do much. We have no security in there. So when somebody gets out of line, we are pretty much left to fend for ourselves. And I will do that. I remember when a guy did the same thing to me at The Bush Company, he smacked my butt on his way out and thought he was going to get away with it. Well, I turned around and pushed him hard. Big Wayne, the bouncer saw that and pushed the guy even harder into a wall. Big Wayne is like 6'4" maybe, you don't mess with him. Wayne told me that he didn't know what the guy had done to me but since he saw me push him he figured that he deserved a push from him too because he had obviously done something to make me push him in the first place. I bet he will think twice before trying to smack another girl like that.
But at the club I am now, you are "mean" if you stand your ground. Next time I am punching somebody out, mean or not, I am not going to tolerate a HARD, flesh stinging smack anywhere on my body. If you don't like to get pushed or punched, then do not touch me like that. And I will even explain that to the cops if it goes that far.
That guy that did that last night belonged to a group of Russian Old Believers, some of them live around here. The men have beards and the women cover their hair and wear long dresses. In public they act very subdued and godly but every time they come into the club they act like assholes, very disrespectful. Loud, drunk and talk trash. I am never going to talk to them again. Go home and smack your wife around instead you piece of shit. I bet they do that. I hope the wife cuts his balls off, I would.

Also, I was the last girl on stage last night. Some dummy snapped two pics of me with his phone. And then he didn't want to erase them after management confronted him. Really? DO NOT take pictures of the girls, ever. Unless you have that specific girl's consent.
He did finally erase them, supposedly . And then he was acting all butt hurt over it. So next time THAT happens, somebody acting difficult and dumb, not wanting to erase the pics, I am calling the cops and they can talk some sense into the guy with a camera.
I am tired of dealing with neanderthals. Obviously they cannot act normal out in public, stay home please neanderthals!

Yes, I know that my blog is full of pics of me, some topless, even nude. I know, how shocking! Whatever. Those are the pics I choose to put up here and share with people. Consider yourself lucky! AND all of the pics of ME on my blog belong to ME and/or the photographer. The pics are subject to copyright laws and cannot be used by anyone else (unless I agree to it) without consequences. In case you didn't not know this.
Well, not that I got that off my chest.....I am going to go on with my day.


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