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Michael Vicks pitbulls at Best Friends Animal Society!

22 of Michael Vicks pitbulls have been placed with Best Friends Animal Society in Utah, Tatiana happily learned today!!! They are called The Vicktory dogs. This is a NO KILL animal sanctuary and with time the pits will hopefully find loving homes. Tatiana would love to have one of these pits, a male companion for Chhaya but unfortunately the timing and the circumstances are not the best right now for taking in another dog.
She is positive that these BEAUTIFUL and SENSITIVE dogs will find homes with very good families that will treat them well and shower them with love.
Tatiana cried more than once over this situation with the pitbulls. How can anyone do this to an animal? Just being with Chhaya every day makes Tatiana totally convinced that Chhaya, and all other dogs, and all animals have a soul and they need to be treated with respect.
One day Tatiana dreams and hopes to be able to rescue and help animals in need.
And she also hopes that the general public in America will understand that the pitbull is a beautiful, loving dog. Yes, dogs sometimes bite, dogs of ALL breeds, there's usually a cause behind that, the dog will almost always show a warning first. It is the human that fails to understand the dogs language.
In a while Tatiana will curl up on the couch with a book and Chhaya curled up next to her. She is going to give Chhaya many kisses and tell her how special she is.
To read more about The Vicktory Dogs and view pictures, go to
Or watch this slide show


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Elaine on :

You should go visit there some time. You'd probably like it.

Tatiana on :

Actually, I looked up Best Friends, it's in Kanab, Utah and I want to go there.

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