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Already Over

Christmas came and Already over! I always get a pang of anxiety and get a little melancholic when Christmas is over. One whole year until the next one.
A whole year! There was a layer of nice, fresh, powdery snow on the ground today.
I spent most of my day watching more movies. Three more. Planet Of The Apes, it was sad. Spent some time outside and caught the last pink coloring in the sky. Went to the beach in Kenai, the water was powerful, deep gray and the waves were strong. I felt like a very small being. Chhaya was cold.
I had a nice Christmas. I have everything that I need. But next year I hope to be able to spend Christmas with my Mom and my beloved little brother.


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Ulliss on :

Jag har inte alls hat någon julkänsla i år. Jobbat hela julen och ingen snö i Stockholm. Jag njuter av dina fina bilder istället!


Konstigt att fira Jul utan sno i Stockholm!
Men du o jag fyller ar med bara nagra dagars skillnad, det la jag marke till i ar.
Ha det bra!

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