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November First already

Tatiana just got back home from the Halloween parade. Las Vegas's first, remember? It was fun. She met up with Ireland on Freemont Street.
Later Tatiana and Julia wandered in to Showgirl Video and put some dollars into the peepshow window. There were four bored looking girls behind the glass, one wore fuzzy slippers. Three were kind of chunky and one was skinny and cute too. When they saw Tatiana (in her mask) and Julia behind the glass, crammed into that narrow booth they started shaking their asses rather enthusiastically. We were probably the only ones there watching them. Hello, somebody has to give these peep show girls money, they have bills too! So Tatiana and Julia to the rescue.
Anyhow, it got boring pretty fast, Tatiana is after all a jaded stripper.
Showgirl Video has the peep show with live girls, you can also get a one on one show and here is Tatiana with the menu, almost like fine dining!
Though Tatiana wondered what kind of germs she encountered in that peep show booth while she ate her Krispy Kreme doughnuts in the car, driving home.
We also went by the Hard Rock before we called it a night. Lots of people, boobs on parade. Yawn.
Hope you had a Happy Halloween! Next year Tatiana wants to go to some haunted houses.

Is this a bank? We need money to support the strippers!

Place of fine entertainment

So many choices.......


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Tatiana, you have the most beautiful hair!

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