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Beach Pics

Sunday afternoon here and I am sitting on the couch with the patio door open, it is nice outside. My favorite flowers are blooming - lilacs. It's like stepping into a cloud of perfume outside. I love the fragrance of lilacs. But not inside in a vase, I do not like cut flowers. I think it's mean and a waste to cut down flowers just to stuff them in a vase and watch them wilt.

I went to the coast this week, only for one night but it was nice. So naturally, here are a few beach pics.
This looked like a giant squid resting on the beach. One of my fascinations, giant squids that is.

The sun going down. Thank You sun for today!

It was Earth Day this week (April 22) and it's 50th anniversary this year. A reminder to everyone is to not litter. At least do that much (or little), pick up your trash.


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