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New Collages & Milk

I put up some new collages on the boring walls in the club. Some fun and empowering ones....I like the empowering ones because I have heard so many negative opinions about dancers. Mostly from people that have no business opening up their mouths to say anything bad about anyone in the first place. Two great examples are some people that I used to know (but no longer and am I ever so grateful for that). The dude with the serious anger and drinking problem.....that ended up with the drunk slut (words by his own Mother). Nothing like pairing up with somebody that fits you well, congratulations! And that loud alcoholic who has so much positivity to spread.....she spread her legs all over her hometown in Illinois so much so that everybody had a try.
Those two certainly should keep their tobacco stained gaps shut.
I have met so many girls that dance who have their affairs well in order.

And some serious stuff about the state of today's society. It is not is REAL.

I really like this palette by Urban Decay. These are on sale now.

Milk! We have milk for sale.....$50 an ounce and it sells like it is going out of style. 8 ounces equals $400. The baby can eat formula.

And before some self appointed moral police decides to call the health department, all the milk goes to the baby - we do not sell breast milk at the club, I am only joking. All we are selling and shelling out is some good old fashioned abuse.


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