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One Winning Ticket

I attempted to become mega rich but it didn't work.....I had one winning ticket, a whopping $4! You can't win if you don't play right? If I would ever become very wealthy, even somewhat rich I would do a lot of good for others. I don't need much to be happy. And I like giving.

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I met with Desi for some coffee or fika as it’s called in Sweden. The cups represent mine and Desi’s height difference.<br />
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White pumpkins are pretty. They are called ghost pumpkins. Speaking of ghosts.....Halloween (my FAVE season) is just around the corner. I am going to Portland next week and I have four haunted houses on my list to visit. FUN!

I have used rice water on my hair twice in a week. Rice water contains starch which supposedly is good for your hair. I have gradually lost so much hair, I am a bit sad over that. My hair is long but I don't want long and thin hair. My hair used to be so thick and healthy.
I suspect that the thinning has to do with coloring, I need to stop using the lighter shades I have been using. So years ago I allowed somebody to color my hair and she, although a hair dresser used a shade lighter than my natural color although that is not what I wanted.
That was the first and last time somebody besides myself put color in my hair. So after that I stuck with the lighter shade, which is about a 9 (light blonde) and sometimes I have been mixing in a 10 (very light blonde). Well, I think it is time to stop that and let my hair get a bit darker. I think I am about an 8 (medium blonde), perhaps as dark as a 7 (dark blonde). If that makes sense to you, if you color your hair you probably know what I am talking about.
For now I will stick to demi permanent when I color my hair, I have grey hair in certain areas, not all over (yet) and that is why I color my hair. In case you wonder, I started getting grey hair early.....around 18.

Shishito yummy! I fry them up in olive and sesame oil and dust them with spices. It's like eating candy.

When they have croissant doughnuts at Backporch I have to have one. They are so yummy, especially with the raspberry frosting.

I saw A Star Is Born . I only go to the movies once in a while and since I heard so many people say they absolutely loved this movie I decided to go see it. Yes, it is good but not great. Although the acting by Bradley Cooper (that also directed the movie) and Lady Gaga is excellent. Very impressive actually.

And I am DJing this Saturday at the Astro Lounge. DJ SuperNova - that's me. :-)
SuperNova was my chat name a loooooong time ago when I first got a computer, a huge desktop Hewlett-Packard. I used to chat with my friend Caesar about raves and music.
Caesar was my dance buddy at raves. He is a photographer now, this is his Insta.


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