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Night Owl

Tatiana got home from work a while back, she loves staying up at night. So that's why she is not sleeping yet. She has always been more of a night person than a morning person, if she really has to she can be up early and be efficient but she much rather get busy at night. She gets energized at night. Like a vampire. Speaking of vampires....."New Moon" is coming out in eight days..........Tatiana is going to drag Kennedy to the movies and squeal when Edward shows up on screen.
Work has been pretty fun this week, that's always a good thing. It would be even better if Bill Gates would come in and decide that Tatiana is his dream girl, then he could come in like twice a month and be very generous. Bill is generous, he constantly gives to charities, all he needs to do now is to discover that giving to Tatiana would be like the best thing he has ever done, even better that coming up with Microsoft. Tatiana likes Bill, he seems very nice actually.......and he is kind of cute too. Tatiana is wondering when their paths will cross?
After writing this Tatiana is in the mood to wax her legs. No sleeping yet. The waxing only takes about ten minutes anyways.
What else? Oh, that song "In For The Kill" Tatianas latest favorite song by La Roux.......well it was played inside the main area at Monster Massive, a remix of the original, Tatiana had a feeling she would hear it that night. Tatiana has a really good ear for music. She loves that song, she is going to order the album so she can listen to it in the car.
Last week while in Las Vegas Tatiana met up with Julia. That was very DA NANG! They had cupcakes and chai and talked.
The roads in Anchorage are super icy, some roads look like glass, Tatiana almost spun out a few times driving, even though she is being really careful. She thinks that the city needs to put sand on the roads, that's what they do in Sweden in the winter.
Tomorrow Tatiana has to do super exciting things like go to the post office and do her laundry. Vacuum. Besides eat and take Chhaya out, that's a given. Tatiana is still looking for a slave boy that can do her mundane tasks for her, the pay will be lousy as far as currency goes but instead the lucky slave can wash Tatianas delicate Hanky Panky undies by hand - that's worth more than money.
Ok, time to wax. More from Tatiana another time!


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Kevin on :

What about Melinda? What would you do if Bill gave you $10 million, no strings attached?

Tatiana on :

Hi Kevin......hope you are not over working yourself.
What about Melinda? Well......Melinda would understand, she is also of charitable nature. Besides, Tatiana wouldn't have sex with Bill (he has Melinda and Tatiana is not involved with him like that), he would just like Tatiana for who she is. And so would Melinda.
$ 10 million, no strings attached.......Tatiana would pay off her town home, help out her friends, start an animal rescue, buy herself a cozy little place on lots of land for Chhaya to run on, invest some - hopefully well, travel and help others, work on becoming a better person.
Bill, Tatiana is waiting!

Kevin on :

keep being Tatiana

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