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Thinking About You

Sometimes life is very difficult and sad. This is what scares me about living.....because I don't think that I have the strength to deal with certain sadnesses, I think I might break to never recover.
A dear friend of mine is going trough something difficult. Today I am thinking about you A. And I am sorry and sad for you, no words will help and I don't know what to say anyways.....besides that I am here for you.
When I was going through something difficult in my life a while back this friend was there for me and I appreciate that very much.


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Annette on :

Oh my Tatiana I am so thankful for your very existence ❤️ I am having a very hard time missing my partner in life but I know eventually things won't hurt as bad. Thank you for everything you have done for me I am always here for you.

Tatiana on :

Likewise back at you on everything you said.
Many hugs.

Annette on :


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