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Lisa Holm, a 17 year old girl in Sweden disappeared a few days ago after ending her shift and closing up the cafe where she worked. She was found murdered. I don't understand, WHY???! How can anyone do this to another person and her family? HOW? Can somebody explain this to me please? I am sick to my stomach and I feel so sad for this young girl, only 17 and she had to go through some truly terrifying events before her life was taken. If there is a God and I don't understand why God allows for senseless cruelty like this in the first place but if there is a God, I pray that Lisa is an angel now. She looked like an angel that's for sure. I am thinking about her a lot. And I never knew her. What is happening in beautiful Sweden?
Not much is known about this case yet besides that there are currently three suspects, two men and a woman. The suspects are immigrants. Important fact? Yes, for me it is. I am sick and tired of immigrants arriving to Sweden and creating havoc. First it was reported that the immigrants were from Poland, now they say Lithuania. From what I have gathered so far, Lisa was raped and the later cut into pieces. If this was my child, if I would had been this girl's Mother, I would had wanted to slowly torture whoever did this to my child to an excruciating death. Like I said, I have not been able to find many facts about this case yet since it just happened. The really big news in Sweden over this past weekend was that the Prince finally married his girlfriend and a bunch of entitled royals gathered for the wedding. One royal hag even wore a fur over her gown, a great example of no class. Classy can't be bought as we all know. I am totally against monarchy and think that it is time for the Swedish "royals" to find real jobs and pay their own way in life. They live off tax payers and they carry lavish lifestyles. Wear bejeweled expensive crowns on their heads when that money can go to better causes. It's a shame and I think that they are completely undeserving of it. European royalty is such an outdated phenomenon and I'm so not impressed.
A murder conviction is Sweden is like a slap on the wrist. If these three suspects really did commit the murder of Lisa I am not sure if they will be extradited to the country they are from or if they will be sentenced in Sweden. If they will be sentenced in Sweden they will live rather comfortably in prison on Swedish tax payers behalf. If I was the woman in charge in Sweden I would be hated by many. I would immediately put a stop to all immigration and scrutinize every immigrant present in Sweden. And this has nothing to do with the murder of Lisa, this is something I feel is long overdue in general if you look at what's going on in Sweden. If they live off welfare with no attempts of finding a job, sit around and beg on the streets all day, reproduce with no means of caring for their offspring, spent years in Sweden with no knowledge of communicating in Swedish, commit violent crimes....then I would send them packing asap. Get the fuck out and go back to where you came from. I personally do not give a shit if you call me a racist. Being called a racist in Sweden is like one of the worst things you can be called. People are scared and afraid to speak their minds, you can actually get fired from your job in Sweden if somebody even thinks you are a "racist". Yeah, how lame is that? Wake the fuck up already! I am not a racist, I'm a realist. Lisa is dead, that means forever gone. Her family have to live with this pain forever. Lisa was only 17.

Lisa. Beautiful angel.


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Dee on :

I use to question or ask why would God let something so evil happen, until one day I read something that really struck me. We need to ask the Devil why and not God. Murder is the work of the Devil not God.

Hope this helps you, I know it did me.


Tatiana on :

OK.....I can see that. Thanks.....
BUT STILL! WHY?!!!? It makes no sense to me.
Thank you though.

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