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I don't have Instagram or Twitter but I do look at two people's Instagram, first my girl crush Rihanna and I also look at Christy Mack's Instagram. The other day I noticed that she had a recent photo shoot with the same photographer I did a shoot with a five years ago, Marcos Rivera. I think that's pretty cool! I loved the pics Marcos took of me, he was nice and easy to work with plus he made me look very pretty. What else could I ask for from a photo shoot? Here is one of the pics. And.....I can't believe that five years went by in a flash! This feels like yesterday, well kind of.....

And here is one of Christy's that Marcos took. Pretty! I like looking at her Instagram because she seems like a nice person that likes animals and she has two pitbulls.
Christy's Instagram is
Marcos Instagram


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Paul on :

Wow! Great pic, you look very good. Your pic is so much better than the one he took of Christy.

Tatiana on :

I'm sure they took some really good ones....

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