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I came up with the initiative to collect money for the local spay and neuter fund a while back. Since then we have collected money at work for a local animal no kill shelter and a women's shelter (I called that collection Tati's Tampon Fund). We gave money to the spay and neuter fund on a separate occasion besides the one I am mentioning today and I sent in a check for the amount and got a thank you card back. On the card it says that since the program began in February 2012 the Peninsula Spay and Neuter Fund has helped with over 645 spays and neuters. I'm happy to say that me and everybody else that contributed will aid in spaying and neutering more cats and dogs around here. Educate yourself about the importance of being a responsible pet owner, if you have a pet. Please. Do the right thing.
Here is Chhaya with the money and the thank you card.

Chuck wanted to pose too.

Me and Cricket counted the money last night, cashed in the smaller bills for larger, I put the money into my account today and I'm sending out a check to the fund tomorrow.


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