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Ugly Doll

Tatiana came across some news recently that little Sasha Obama brought her Ugly Doll to school. And supposedly a new trend was born.
Well, hold on now! Tatiana think it is great that little Sasha likes Ugly Dolls because they are supercute! BUT Tatiana was there first! Tatiana took her first Ugly Doll clipped to her Hello Kitty backpack to Monster Massive in 2006. Ugly Doll had a great night that night, he danced with many people, got lots of attention, good times! After that Tatiana got some more Ugly Dolls, the first Ugly Doll needed friends to accompany him to other raves. She has a big pink one laying on her bed in Las Vegas. And a few more small ones.
So before New York Times writes about who started the Ugly Doll trend.......they need to do their research better! Tatiana was definitely one of the first walking down that avenue. Tatiana has a knack for finding new things. Ugly Doll is just one of them...........


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Ulrika on :

New York times should definetly do there researsh better. You were there first!!! xoxo

soyboy on :

hey tatiana ... i hope all is good with you.. some nice pic of you .... you are stll very cute.. :-P i hope our paths cross someday..
lovin you...soyboy aka eric

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