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The week so far......

It is Saturday night, Tatiana should be at work right now but she worked every night this week since Monday and when it got to be around 6 pm today she just felt too unmotivated for work tonight. She is staying in. Catching up on VH1 and reading. And telling you about the life of Tatiana.
Earlier today, Tatiana met up with Kennedy. They were planning on going to Simon & Seafort's because they were both craving raspberry iced teas with fresh raspberries in the glass, sooooooo refreshing and good! But they were early and the place was still closed so they went to Snow City cafe instead. The iced teas will have to wait until another day.
Tatiana also went to Two Fish Gallery, it is a really cute jewelry place, she wants a new ring. Noooooo, not a diamond ring! It's a silver ring and the stone will be either pink, blue or green. Tatiana has not made up her mind yet.
A few days ago, Tatiana and Chhaya went to Eagle River Nature Center. They walked the Albert Loop trail, very nice. They will go back for sure! They both need this kind of stuff. Tatiana also picked up a vacuum for cheap in Eagle River. Found it on craigslist.
Her place needs to be vacuumed and the laundry is piling up......... Do you want to do Tatianas laundry?
No gym this week, just some long walks with Chhaya. It is warming up in Alaska and the sun is staying up longer, much needed.
Hmmmmm, what else did Tatiana do this week? She gets this question a lot. So here it goes in no particular order.....
Shower, shave, wash hair. Starbucks. Subway, foot long veggie baby! Walk Chhaya. Cuddle with Chhaya. Feed Chhaya. Post office. Write bills. Meet Kennedy. Fred Meyer for some groceries. Pet Zoo for dog food. Read books. Sleeeeeep, love to sleep.
Tomorrow though.......! Tatiana and Kennedy are meeting up, probably not for a bikini pillow fight this time. Tatiana is going to suggest that they design each others hair, down there. Tatiana is thinking about a new cute design for Spring, maybe some color too, pink and bright yellow?
Yes, there will be a report about it here. So keep reading!


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