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Do you think that people should have as many biological children as they want? Tatiana believes in personal freedom BUT she also believes in some kind of population control. There are enough people on this planet already, we need to preserve our resources. So Tatiana thinks that there is absolutely no need for people to be selfish and want four, seven, nine kids per family. Tatiana thinks one or two children max is enough. Anything more than that is just selfish. The people that really want more kids can adopt a child and really make a difference. The kids people make will reproduce too and one day we will all suffer from it. This is my planet too.
There is this woman in CA that just gave birth to EIGHT, yes EIGHT kids! And guess what! She already had SIX! So now she is a single Mom (idiot) of 14 kids. Yeay, great! NOT.
That should be illegal. She supposedly had all of them through in vitro fertilization. That doctor that did that should have his license taken away. Why does this person need 14 kids? What is her problem? Maybe if she had adopted 14 children and made their life better. But how can one person take care of 14 children? She is an idiot and totally selfish. And unemployed and divorced. How about just having one baby?
Oh, idiots shouldn't be able to reproduce either, they usually end up abusing or neglecting their kids. Only quality human beings should be able to add to the population. Tatiana loathes people that can't take care of their children properly, if you can't be a parent then don't have kids!


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Kevin on :

The other extreme is female infanticide.
Where is the middle?

Tatiana on :

Female infanticide is wrong (of course) and not a solution. The baby is already born and it would be wrong to harm it.
I am not sure what the middle way would be. More education, encouragement for women to want more from life than to be baby making machines. Teaching that having a football team of kids and no means to care for it is morally wrong.

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