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Tatiana - Your Favorite Bitch

So recently a girl that sometimes comes into the club told me, "We like you because you don't take any shit from anyone". Then somebody else told me that some people think that I am a bitch. OK. Like I care? You say that I am a bitch like it is something bad? Actually to me it is something rather positive. That is right, I don't take any shit from anyone. Why should I? Is the strip club some kind of official women bashing place where random people can come in, talk shit, be rude, act like total assholes and us dancers are supposed to smile and accept that? ICH DON'T THINK SO HONEY! Not this bitch anyways. And so what that some of the girls I work with think I am a bitch?
Oh well, I am more than happy to give them something to talk about and look at.
I don't do anything wrong in the club, I don't sit around and snicker and talk shit about anyone. So whatever.
And that some guys that come in think I am a bitch? Well look, if it makes me a bitch because I don't want to give out my number, go on a date with you, get drunk with you, let you grab me all over - then I guess by some lame idiots sorry definition I am a bitch and I am damn proud to be one too. I am not at work to find a drinking buddy, a boyfriend or somebody to have random sex with. So go try your luck with one of the other "friendlier" girls and please leave me alone. And guess what.....many of them will hustle you hard for drinks and dances, some might even try to steal your wallet or the bills you left on the bar. I have seen it......I am way too much of a bad ass bitch to do such things. I might be a dancer but I am not desperate or pathetic. Oh......and that girl that lets guys suck on her boobs, finger her insides, exchange saliva and possible herpes and other STD's and talks about maybe meeting up outside of the club.......chances are that she is NOT single, she might have a boyfriend or a husband at home waiting for her while she bends all the rules just to make as much money as she can. That to me is a slut. You can call me a bitch, I will wear that badge proudly. But you can't call me a slut because I will never be on of those. I'd rather be a bitch any day of the week. I think it is totally ok to have a boyfriend while working as a dancer. I've had boyfriends while working but I also stick to the rules, no need to bend them, it is ACTUALLY possible to make money without doing that.
I also suspect that there is something of a small town mentality going on here, girls are more desperate to be pleasing and "friendly". Some of them have never been outside Alaska or worked anywhere else. If you visit a larger, upscale club in a large town you will find that many dancers carry themselves with that quality "bitchy" attitude. In other places it is called classy.
And if you really knew me you would know that I am far from a bitch. ;-)
Pics from last night.......of Tatiana - your favorite bitch. LOL.
With my pink gloss, trying to apply it and take a pic at the same time, not as easy as it looks........

On the couch looking extra BITCHY! :-D

For some reason, even when people (guys) whine about that I am such a bitch, they still try to talk to me......I wonder why?


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Mr.B on :

You go girl.

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