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Feeling fat and envious of Jennifer Aniston

Tatiana planned on going to work at The Great Alaskan Bush Company tonight because she knows that there must be so many men that are really missing her by now.
But Tatiana is having a "feeling fat and somewhat ugly" day and that means she needs to go jogging tomorrow and to the gym on Saturday and then she will be fit and perfect again.
So she spent the day reading, cleaning, took a long walk with Chhaya and thinking about Jennifer Aniston.
Everybody feels so sorry for her because she got dumped by that wuss Brad and now recently by the creepy John Mayer. She is "of a certain age" and wants a husband and children. O wey, people feel for this woman!
WTF! If Tatiana had Jennifer's MILLIONS, this woman is RICH, she would be so happy and content with life, the last thing on her mind would be to try to find some guy to drag to the altar.
If Tatiana really wanted a kid or a few of them she would adopt. Why go through the pain and VAGINE tearing to squeeze a baby out when you can adopt a child in need of care? It should be Jennifer's duty to share those millions with people in need, instead she is worrying about yoga sessions and why she can't find a guy.
WHO CARES about that bs when you can get a backpack and travel the whole world and see and learn things and help other people? Or open up an animal sanctuary?
Tatiana does not feel a bit sorry for Jennifer, she thinks this chick has everything and she is using it to do absolutely nothing of worth, that's probably why that wuss Brad left her. He felt he had a duty to do besides sit and rot in Malibu.
If you have some money, thousands, millions whatever and you need to dump some, go dump it on Tatiana. She can assure you this will be a good investment on you part. This money will not only make her happy, it will do good for others that are hungry, cold, sad etc.
Share the wealth!


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Alex on :


Isn't it funny how people with above average resources focus on things that they don't have. I think its human nature, we are all guilty of that to some degree. But in her defense, love or money, she already has one the other seem pretty equally important to me. And as for that bum Brad Pitt, you have to admit, he looked rediculously hot in that nude scene in Troy.

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