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What a night! Never been to Pacha before. The place was PACKED. Meaning NO room to move AT ALL on the main floor. What a disappointment!
The dj before Danny was really good so we danced for a good while but once Danny came on it was almost impossible to be comfortable on the dance floor. I need some room to move!
Really too bad because I love Danny Tenaglia. He said, "I have four words for you......THIS IS THE BEGINNING!" Meaning, it was about 2 AM when he came on, the club was closing at Noon. Danny is famous for his long, brilliant sets, he likes to take you on a journey. So he was probably playing until Noon. I would had stayed that long or at least until 9 AM but by 3 we gave up. There were just too many people there. It took me one hour to get my jacket and squeeze myself through the crowd so I could exit the club. One hour!
I saw Danny once in LA, he played from Midnight until 6 AM and it was great. He plays dark beats that have lots of rhythm. You feel like you belong to some tribe somewhere and everybody is moving to the same ancient beat. Or sometimes it feels like you are on a train, feeling the movement of the train going through you.
Besides the insane crowd, I liked Pacha, good layout. Much better than the typical Vegas club where it's all about flaunting your money and what you are wearing or not wearing. Pacha is about the dj, the music and the dancing. You can wear sneakers! There were two more dance floors besides the main one. Places to sit, for FREE, Vegas take notes! Good sound, that's important.
Somewhat annoying, confused and persistent in a stalkerish way guys, that kind of just tried to stand as close as possible to you on the dance floor while trying to make eye contact. A few firm, no's and "I am dancing with my friend" did the trick.
One tall skinny guy started snaking his body around in front of me while pulling on his flimsy Jesus bling chain, showing off his "wealth". I shooed him away like an annoying fly. Another one tried to press his crotch into my friends ass, I HATE that. I would think most normal girls hate that. It's yucky and pervy. If I do not know you - keep your body parts, especially your half stiff dick away from me! Really! Or I might have to hurt you, give you a donkey kick.
So I basically told him, "HEY! Keep your dick away from my friends ass". You have to be firm and stand your ground, otherwise the dick thrusters will surround you on the dance floor in no time. Like piranhas flocking a prey.
Another guy forgot to put on deodorant, that whole week I think. He smelled bad. Please people, when out in public, especially while in crowded places be mindful of your personal hygiene - thank you.
Anyways, I wish that I could had stayed many more hours but I couldn't deal with the crowd. Maybe I will see Danny again soon.


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wonderhussy on :

Hahahahahaha dick thrusters! Nasssssssty! Wonder why guys think chicks actually like that...

This club sounds great! Definitely an improvement on the Vegas scene :/ Love the way you described the dj's music!

See you at Burning Man.......

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