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My Birthday

It's a bit past 4 am and I got home little while ago. I am tired and my eyes are burning but before I go to bed I want to tell you about my birthday. So Tuesday night (December 26) I was at the club, right after midnight I took a few pics of myself and here I year older.

I woke up on December 27 (my birthday) and left the house around noon. I got a free latte at my regular coffee shop.

It was a very nice, warm and sunny day out. Me and Chhaya went for a walk in the park.
I was hoping to be able to get a pedicure and then enjoy an hour or two at the foot spa.....but no pedi me until later today actually, so the foot spa was put on hold as well. Not a big deal.
Then I went and got some food, went home, did some laundry, took a shower and went over Desi's house.
She made me a very nice dinner (pasta) and we had fresh squeezed apple juice that she made in her new juicer. Delicious! We opened presents....Thank You Desi! ❃ ❃ ❃

We also had glögg and macarons. And then we watched Pan's Labyrinth.....

"A long time ago, in the Underground Realm, where there are no lies or pain, there lived a princess who dreamt of the human world. She dreamt of blue skies, soft breeze and sunshine. One day, eluding her keepers, the princess escaped. Once outside, the bright sun blinded her and erased her memory. She forgot who she was and where she came from.
Her body suffered cold, sickness and pain. And eventually she died. However, her father, the king, always knew that the Princesses's soul would return, perhaps in another body, in another place at another time. And he would wait for her, until he drew his last breath, until the world stopped turning..."
In the world of mortals the girl's name is Ofelia but in the Underground she is Princess Moanna.

We put some face masks on, fox and panda.....

Then it was time for me to go home. On the way home I got an unexpected phone call from some friends in Alaska.
Well.....I need to sleep now. Another birthday came and went, another year added.

Santa's Little Elves

Santa's little elves just spent a cozy Christmas together. The small elf is sleeping and snoring and the big elf (me) is about to go to bed soon. An early rise in the morning is awaiting.
I hope you are all as cozy and comfy as we are. ❤

One Year Ago

One year ago he passed away.....way too soon. I still think about him and can't believe he is gone or at least not here. Maybe he is somewhere else.....somewhere good I hope.

I'm blessed
I know
Heaven sent
And Heaven stole
You smiled at me
Like Jesus to a child

Merry Christmas

I am drying some laundry and playing tug with Chhaya (while writing this). She is always up for a game of tug or search.
Soon I am going to hop in the shower and then go and enjoy some glögg and pepparkakor (gingerbread cookies) with some friends. Just wanted to check in with you reading this blog and wish you all a Merry Christmas ❤ ❤ ❤

The Night Before Christmas

It is the night before Christmas and me and Chhaya just got back to a warm and cozy home.
I fed her dinner and soon I will take a bath. We were out all afternoon getting stuff done so we can just relax for a few days now.....
Well, all we have to do tomorrow is feed the animals in the park during our walk. Like the birds, squirrels and whatever other animals that might be around.
If you paid attention, many Christmas cards depict Santa Claus together with animals (besides Rudolph). To me Christmas is about giving and caring and I care for animals.
There is a cat in the park we go to.....when the cat and we (me and Chhaya) happen to be there at the same time the cat comes running towards us, tail high up. It knows I will pet it and feed it, I now have cat food with me in the car in case I run into this cat. Today was a cat meeting day.

We delivered food and toys to the Humane Society tree. This was my contribution this year.
I wish I could help all the animals.....but I can't. Maybe one day I will be able to do more.

And here is a picture of my baby.

Rapes In Sweden

Five years ago I wrote a blog entry about a girl in India that was brutally raped by several men, she was only 23 when she died from her injuries. I recall feeling sadness for what happened to her deep in my heart. There would be several more reports about other gang rapes in India after that. That incident and also reading a blog called White Indian House Wife made me decide that I can't go to India on my own as a tourist, probably ever. And I would love to see India, always been fascinated by that country. But my safety is my priority.
Three years ago I wrote about a rape gang in Afghanistan. Those men actually got sentenced to death by hanging.'s 2017 and I am writing about rapes in Sweden. Right now there is an uproar in Sweden. Several men suspected of a gang rape were all found not guilty. They admitted to having sex with the woman but they said she was a willing participant, that it was a drug exchange. I have to say that the woman is a known drug user and changed her story a lot. That contributed to her credibility being diminished. The police did, according to the prosecutor in the case very shoddy police work. So there was not enough evidence to find the men guilty. And in court the law has to be followed, that is just how it is. And no matter how you look at it - that is ultimately a good thing. According to the victim there were up to maybe eight men involved in the rape but several more present watching and cheering on. I am not sure, reading about the case online I gathered different information. But at least three men had sex with her from what I understand. I do not think it is likely that a woman would agree to random sex with several unknown men in public, a high-rise stairwell. We are talking about real life here now, NOT the fantasy world of porn. But it is her word against theirs. And they are walking free. The ones that were briefly incarcerated for this incident might ask for monetary damages. Also, monsters like these have figured out that you can gang rape a woman and then blame each complicate the case even more. Then demand monetary damages. It is truly sickening.
Another rape and this for sure is a rape, happened in Malmö Sweden a few days ago. A 17 year old girl was gang raped and supposedly her vagina was set on fire. The rapists fled and are roaming free. Meaning they can do this again and they probably will. This was the third gang rape in Malmö since last month. Third gang rape in one Swedish town is a short time span. I am waiting for the outcomes of these rapes if ever solved.
When I was 17, living in Stockholm Sweden I was out EVERY weekend. I would come home late night early morning sometime......sure I was aware of the possibilities of danger but I was not scared to go out. Was I perhaps young and naive? Now women are being warned against being out alone in Sweden. What the fuck changed?
I will tell you what changed. Immigration. I am far from a racist, I am a realist. Growing up I was an immigrant kid in Sweden. My friends were a mix of Swedes and first and second generation immigrants. I still keep in touch with my friends, they are from former Yugoslavia, Morocco, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey. My two most significant boyfriends when I lived in Sweden were Fadi and Alex. Fadi lived in Märsta and was an Armenian from Lebanon. Alex was Swedish born but his parents were from Serbia and he lived in Fittja (where one of these recent rapes happened), so I was in Fittja a lot. It's an immigrant heavy suburb of Stockholm.
I didn't worry when walking to or from the subway to the high-rise my boyfriend lived in.
So do NOT call me a racist. My political views have changed some since I was a teen living in Sweden because society has changed.....the problems in Sweden now are not the same as they were then. Sure there were rapes in Sweden back then. Yes Swedish men rape women too but now there is an influx of rapes and also brutal gang rapes and the perpetrators are often immigrants or the offspring of immigrants. Dare I say in the majority of the gang rapes without having statistics as clear evidence on hand? Many people in Sweden tiptoe around speaking up about immigration in any way that can be perceived as negative.....being labeled a racist is very shameful. Sweden is a very politically correct place. But I bet if you or a family member or a friend gets subjected to a violent crime any political correctness will fly out the door.
Well, there is an election in Sweden next year. My vote goes to the Sweden Democrats (abbreviated SD) and had I been voting in France earlier this year my vote would had went to Marine Le Pen. Still not a racist.
Some cultures view women as second class citizens, as property and having no rights.
Those cultures do not have room in Western society. Sweden should not have to readjust to accommodate immigrants, the immigrants should accommodate to their new country. If they don't want to they have no room being there. Radical Islam does not belong in Europe. Neither does FGM and halal slaughter. As far as animals go and what I think about killing them for our consumption....well I am a vegetarian and against it in general. Forcing women to cover up does not belong in Europe. Forcing women and young girls to get married against their will does not belong in Europe. Honor killings do not belong in Europe either.
I can bring up the New Year's Eve sexual assaults in Cologne Germany that happened a few years ago, almost all of the men were non German asylum seekers or illegal immigrants.
How about the attacks on the female reporters in Egypt's Tahrir Square? One of the women (Lara Logan) estimated that the attack on her involved 200-300 men. I cannot even imagine being subjected to that kind of horror.
Like I said.....some cultures think that women are some thing that you can treat however you want. A thing that is yours to use and abuse. That mentality does not belong in Europe. Really....that kind of view doesn't belong anywhere but I am not trying to go and impose my beliefs in those societies because I want to live.

Daily Stuff

Some of my daily stuff that I will share with you.....
No meat for me. I love this ready to eat tomato and mozzarella cheese salad and quinoa and cauliflower mix from Trader Joe's. Delicious! I have also been brewing myself a pot of Earl Grey tea every day, I drink it with sugar and lemon.

Have you ever had a Cronut? It's a mix of a croissant and a donut. SO YUMMY.

I am very happy with my new pillowcases by slip. Pure silk. Feels very smooth and cool when I lay my head down to sleep at night.

Thank You For Visiting

Well I left Vegas one week ago now and I don't know when I am going back, no time soon I think but with me you never know. Here are some more pics from this last visit....
Las Vegas cold brew.

#VegasStrong Britney style. If you are thinking about seeing Britney's show at Planet Hollywood - stop thinking and get your thumb out of your ass, only a few dates left!
Britney decided that 2017 is going to be her last year (for now). I saw Britney in 2015 - I love her.

Vegas showgirls and myself.

Thank you for visiting Downtown Las Vegas sign. I love the color.

Vegas from a distance.....

I remember the first time I rolled into Las Vegas, a long time ago now. I was with Shelley and another girl, Alyssa. It was like WOW......the first time you see Vegas everything is WOW - it's magical. It really is. I have many memories from Vegas, I have friends there, Chhaya was born there.....I have a house there (still). At some point I will go back. It's only a few hours away by air, longer by car. Bye for now Las Vegas.

Your New President

Last year while strolling through the Miracle Mile Shops at Plannet Hollywood in Las Vegas I came across this paper figure of President Trump and this podium.

I thought that was GREAT and put on a one woman comedy show for a few minutes to my own amusement and also the person working there (he did laugh and said I was very funny, I KNOW I am- Thank You). I have been told I should do comedy more than once.
Anyhow....I wanted another pic last week so I went back. No President Trump is sight! What? After asking for the whereabouts of the President I found out that Potus and Flotus where hiding in the back because random people walking by could not deal with their anger after seeing a paper figure of President Trump. Ummmmm what? Up your meds people, up your meds.
So this is Vegas after all where probably one third (at least) of the people strolling by are high on something or have some liquor in them. Perhaps they got that liquor courage in them, that is why they opened their mouths in the first place.
I am one of those weirdos that don't need liquor to loudly speak my mind.
So I took a pic with just me on the podium this time. Actually even better! Folks....(you reading this) meet your new President. ME.
Trump has decided to go on Christmas break.....until further notice. Melania and little Barron want him all to themselves for a while. No more late night tweets to entertain and horrify the masses and I need to go over and probably restore the list of words and phrases banned to be used by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Last time I checked I was in United States of America, not North Korea so let's keep it that way, shall we? Yes Trump is a bit tired, it's been a hectic year. He is only human after all and needs some time off.
Plus Omarosa quit (or did she get fired like when she was on the Apprentice?) and with her gone there is an urgent NEED for another strong, opinionated woman in the White House. And I can speak a few more languages besides English, so when I meet and schmooze with other leaders of the world I will be able to carry on just fine. I can even curse in Arabic! Plus I can say I love you honey in Arabic as well. And I know the word for money. Perfect!
I especially can't wait to meet Putin! Love connection perhaps? ❤
Don't worry people of the world. I will Make America Great Again.....all I am asking for are two lattes a day and a daily massage. Chhaya wants free roam of the White House lawn, she will make a great First Pet since she is an American pit bull terrier after all. I am packing my IKEA duffel bags and boarding Air Force One heading for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave Washington D.C. any day now.

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Well me and Chhaya are back in Central Oregon.....and no snow yet! Will there be snow here this year?

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas out there, snow or no snow. Have you sent off your letter to Santa yet? As always I think it is much more fun to give gifts than to receive but if I would wish for something it would be a really good quality massage chair by MB, Panasonic or Fujimi and an espresso machine by Breville. Then I never have to leave the house, except when walking Chhaya.
I would just lay in my massage chair, sipping on a latte fully enjoying myself.

And my fave perfume too....Petite Chérie by Annick Goutal. I love this perfume!