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On Fire

Oregon is on fire. People are getting evacuated. Returning from Burning Man and coming into Klamath Falls the air got hazy and grey and I got a headache and felt slightly nauseous. The air quality is poor in large parts of Oregon and Washington. This is rather serious. Some beautiful places burned and people are sad.
Where are the animals supposed to go? The air quality right now at my location is considered very unhealthy according to the Environmental Protection Agency.
204 air quality index.

Fires, hurricanes.....there is a lot going on in the US now.
I am wondering if I should run an errand this evening or if I should just stay at home.....I feel very tired.

The Playa Delivers

If you have never been to Burning Man you might hear the people that have talk about that it is life changing, eye opening, amazing, emotional etc etc. You can't describe the experience fully to somebody that has never been, you have to go to get it. Some people go and don't like it (the ones that can't deal with a broken fingernail, messed up hair, dust, heat and feeling "dirty" for example).
Sure there are those that go only to get fucked up or get pics for their Instagram (in my opinion a complete waste but perhaps they get something deeper out of the experience anyways). Then the rest really do make some sort of a connection with their soul and that what is Burning Man.
You can't explain it but somehow the Playa delivers, always. You get messages, and make connections that somehow make sense. Not always of course but some really do.
My first night I came across this art piece shrine that was called "The Shrine Of Lost Moments" (I believe, I did not note down the name of it but I am almost sure).

"In December 2016, a tragic attack hit near one of the memorial places in Berlin at Gedächtniskirche (Church of Memory in the center of the city). A man drove a heavy lorry into the crowded Christmas market. This incident (which happened near to most of us living in Berlin) inspired us to develop the Shrine of Lost Moments as an art project at Burning Man 2017. The visitor of the shrine is encouraged to interact and engage: he or she takes a colored piece of cardboard ... and writes a name, life period, situation they want to remember, embrace, or eliminate from their lives."

There were 270 pieces of art installation on the Playa this year. I did not see all, there are a few that I wish I would had seen now that I see the pics of them in the news.

Late Night Lost Boys

I just finished up a late night Lost Boys movie and snacks get together with Desi and Chhaya. One of my FAVE movies. We shared tea, crackers with cheese and cookies. Chhaya got some crackers and cheese as well.

Now I am going to take Chhaya out and then go lay down in bed and watch music videos until I fall asleep. I am tired and I miss Burning Man.....

First Day

This year I arrived at Black Rock City about a day later than I usually do and left a day earlier. So I basically lost two days plus at Burning Man which for ME is a big deal. Burning Man happens once a year and is about a week long, I want to be there for as much of it as I can. So of course it was disappointing (actually VERY disappointing) to have to cut back on precious Burning Man time. A lesson was learned, do not go to Burning Man (share RV like I did this time) with people who have travel plans that infringe on my Burning Man time. Some people are OK with just a few days at Burning Man, I am NOT.....I want to make the most of it.
I thought I was clear about this but I guess not, I did not think I would have to cut back on my time that much, had I known I would had found somebody else to share the RV with, somebody on the same page as me. Therefore this time really did go by much faster than usual, before I knew it it was over. And when it is over you really FEEL that it is over and you know that there is a whole year until next time, if you are lucky enough to go next year. A lot has to fall in place. Kind of sucks but it is what it is......
So after we found a place to park the RV.....I found a camp called Grateful Floyd where we stayed, good location and good people, I got out my bandanas and wrapped them around my face and hair and headed for Center Camp, always my first stop.

Got caught up in a heavy white out dust storm on the way to Center Camp, the dust and wind ripped through the Playa. I had to stop moving for a few minutes because I could not see anything. But then I got to Center Camp and sat down with that first iced latte.

After Center Camp I delivered three pairs of crutches to one of the medical stations....the reason I brought crutches to Burning Man is because they asked if anyone was willing to help out.

My goal the first day was the delivery of the crutches, that latte at Center Camp and a visit to the Temple to put up these pics of George Michael and Chester Bennington that we all know recently passed. To me, it was very sad that these two talented (and according to multiple sources kind and caring as well) people left too early. I can only speak for myself but I got affected by their passing and it made me sad, I wish they were still here. I thought that George and Chester should be in the Temple this year. And so they were. I looked up at the sky at night and wondered if they were out there somewhere....

I also biked around and took in some of the art out on the Playa and this year's Man of course before I called it a night.

Blink Of An Eye

Well.....I am back from Burning Man now and this year it really did go by in a blink of an eye. It always feels a bit unreal and weird to be back in "reality" after Burning Man. I need to catch up on sleep, unpack, clean my stuff and do laundry and ADJUST. So I will be back here with more about this year's Burning Man after I take care of that.....
Here I am on my way to my first shift as a barista at Center Camp Cafe, I volunteered this year.

On My Way

Here it is, the much coveted entry ticket to one of the best events on this planet. Burning Man.
Radical Ritual is the theme for 2017. This will be my fifth year in a row. I am on my way to the Playa to feel the wind and dust blow through my hair, to dance all night long, to see amazing art, to meet new people, to learn, to feel, to grow, to feel ALIVE, to immerse myself deeply into Burning Man for about one week. One week that will go by in a blink of an eye. On my way......

You won't hear from me until sometimes next week. ❤

Senior Stripping

"Hey LADY W AKE THE FUCK UP YOU ARE 50 AND STRIPPING..SWIMH AROUND THW POLE WITH A CANE SOON ....hope your senior stripping eprkd out for you hun."

Who needs enemies when you have "friends" like that?
YES.....I am 50 and STILL stripping, senior stripping. What is the "senior age" usually? 60 something? So I have a few more good years in my brittle bones before I am 60. And I started stripping with a cane, actually crutches to be exact, a while ago.
Didn't you know? Here are my crutches. I really need to step it up and paint them pink and add some rhinestones to them.

I am planning on stripping until I am at least 80. I remember this one lady dancer in Vegas, it was rumored that she was anything between 68-73 and let me tell you.....she made so much money. Not every night but when she did she hit thousands of dollars. Yes, I am serious. One of my young, extremely fit and very pretty friends loved it when this older lady would team up with her because that meant big bucks for my friend. And I never saw her do anything inappropriate, so don't knock the senior strippers! She was GOALS. For every dancer in the club.
When I turn 50, cause I am not 50 YET "hun"......let's not get ahead of ourselves now! When I turn 50 I am planning on a huge birthday bash at whatever club I am slowly gyrating around the pole at then, dropping it like it's lukewarm you know!
I am going to make a GRAND entrance in a wheelchair on my 50th birthday, a blinged out wheelchair matching my platforms. My entrance is going to trump any Mayweather entrance to a fight, actually maybe I should try to get ahold of Floyd and see if he will host my 50th birthday party at his own club, the Girl Collection in Vegas. See Floyd used to go to Crazy Horse Too back in the day when I worked there and throw his money around, he is the king of bling and cockiness. You will ALL be invited, even YOU my "friend"! Cause I am not mad at ya.
Only amused. I saw your true colors a long time ago but I was kind and accepted you.
Here is the reality. I am a dancer (some say stripper), I am not ashamed, I don't do anything wrong. Let me tell you what I personally think is wrong.....and what I personally wouldn't do.
Sleep around with dozens of guys, look desperately for love everywhere, look for a provider instead of providing for myself. Move in with some guy and say that I love him just to move out after a few months, then find some other guy and move right in because he has a job and can provide me with a place to live and security and call myself "happy" when in reality I'm not. Many women do that.
It is, in my book glorified prostitution.
So.....don't bash me, I am a senior stripper after all and we all know you should treat your elders with respect.

50 is the new 20. No face photoshop needed here. Like you do HUN. I have a few friends dancing at the Rhino in Vegas and they are better looking and in better shape than many 20 year olds. It is how you take care of yourself and I also think that inside ugliness show on certain people's faces.
Pay attention to the new wrinkles under my eyes. I cried hard every day for over a year, that will do it. EVERY day because I was SO deeply hurt and sad over another person's actions. Then a bunch of other difficult things happened, I felt like I was completely alone and lost in a never ending nightmare. I developed heart pounding anxiety and for a few months I averaged 3 hours of sleep per night and then I would wake up from my heart beating hard and my stomach hurting.
Then.....I stopped crying. I still feel bouts of sadness now and then because I learned that people are CRUEL and that I can't trust anyone besides perhaps a very few. But I am smiling and doing things, I am laughing and joking around.
I feel happiness in my heart again.
I went through the pain and sadness completely sober, no alcohol, no drugs and no looking for "love" or attention whatsoever. I talked to friends and strangers.
Shared my feelings, listened to their stories. And I am STILL standing. Head high and proud because I KNOW that I didn't do anything wrong.
And one more thing.....that this "friend" doesn't know but other people close to me know. I am starting a new job in less than two weeks. I will still dance (I think) to add to my income (smart) but the new job will keep me rather busy during the week.
I was interviewed and selected. I am not going to give away too many details about what I am going to do here on the blog. The new job has NOTHING to do with dancing and I am not going to work in a cafe either. I will have certain duties and responsibilities that I don't want mixed up whatsoever with the dancing or the blog, therefore I can't share much about what I am going to do.

Skrattar bäst som skrattar sist.

Tried New Stuff

I tried some new stuff recently, let me tell you about it.....
So after seeing a hair color called Naturtint for years I finally decided to try it to see if it would be gentler on my hair and scalp. So far I have only tried it twice, the first time the 7N shade and the second time 8N. 7N was a bit too dark and 8N is an ok match, although I might be an 8 with some 9 in it. My knowledge in the world of hair color is limited but I was looking for an ammonia free color and Naturtint does not have ammonia. BUT Naturtint contains something called ethanolamine. So I looked it up because I have never heard about it before and ethanolamine is also used in hemorrhoid treatment. And hair color, how weird.

Here is what I found on

Q. Naturtint® does not contain ammonia, how does it color the hair?

A. A key component of the hair coloring formula is the oxidant, which releases oxygen when the colorant and color developer are mixed, so that the hair cuticle can open up and absorb the color. For the oxidant to be effective, the coloring formula must use an alkaline medium to create the proper pH. Ammonia is often used as this medium, but it is very aggressive and can damage hair. Naturtint uses ethanolamine as the alkaline medium; it is less aggressive than ammonia and achieves the proper pH in a gentler way.

From what I understand Naturtint is not tested on animals.
I also got some Olaplex. tried it twice on damp hair, left it in for several hours the first time and overnight the second. I know that some people think that Olaplex is a miracle cure for their hair, I did not see any significant difference. Olaplex is not tested on animals.

And then I recently got two new lipsticks. MAC has a new line called Metallic Lips Collection and I got Ionized Iris and Rose-Dipped. Although MAC claims to not test on animals, other reports out there claim that MAC DOES test on animals since MAC is sold in China and China requires animal testing.

Fat Slob And Meth Whore

At the beginning of July I noticed a significant spike in blog readers. And it was one entry in particular that stood out, an entry that I wrote in August 2014 called "Dancers Talk". If you want to read that entry you can find it in my "Categories" section under "Wild Alaskan Kodiak".
See that boat I was brave enough to travel to and dance at in 2014 recently made headlines.....Darren, the boat's owner took it to Homer and had dancers on it again. I always thought this boat idea was fantastic and to take it around to various Alaskan harbors is great. To sum it up, my experience at the boat was interesting and I had fun for the most part but there were some issues. l love Kodiak island so it was nice to explore during the day. I did have some words with Darren and I have never tried to hide it, I feel that I gave him constructive criticism in a polite way.
I heard from Darren's wife Kimberly a while back and she only had nice things to say, I have nothing bad to say about Kimberly.
This boat named the Wild Alaskan has not been without controversy, several girls went on it to dance after me (I was one of the first) and some of them were not happy. Everybody will have their own experience and their own opinion.
So......when the boat started making headlines again my blog entries pertaining my stay on it were popping up of course. A while back I also noticed that used a picture of me from the boat, (I picture that I took myself by the way), for an article about the boat. Since is rather large website they should had at least asked me first before using a picture of me you would think. But no. I exchanged some emails with one of their reps about this.
Then I also found out that some girl I don't even know shared the "Dancers Talk" entry I wrote on a closed Facebook group that only dancers can belong to.
Here is some of what other girls had to say about the Wild Alaskan (this is recent stuff from this month).

"I had a friend that was up there in May.. she said she will never go back!"

"I can't recommend this at all."

"I'm so glad I left when I did. I considered just staying and sticking it out because I know how much money is there, but I kept feeling the urge to get out of there. I immediately booked my ticket home while I was still in the dressing room the last night I worked. Always follow your intuition. No amount of money will convince me to be abused in any way."

"I was literally just up there. I planned to work through the summer, but I left after a week. He was very nice to me, but verbally abusive to my friends. I know that if I'd stayed, he'd become that way towards me too. We didn't live on the boat though. It's really too bad because that club would otherwise be a dream come true. I had a few friends who worked there in 2014 and made insane money, but unfortunately the owner ruins it for everyone. If you just got there (name withheld) I'm not surprised that you saw his mean streak so immediately, because I know he's pissed that 4 of us left abruptly last week. I'm sorry you had such a scary experience.
I worked three nights...I made so little over these three nights that I still can't afford a ticket home. I'm calling a friend and having her book me out of tmro morning but this was an awful setup.
That's amazing that dancers can let each other know about stuff like this this is very important someone could end up going out there and losing their life because of this Behavior so this is really appreciation to us all Alaska has always been known around the dancers that I know as the big money plays the biggest money plays there is. And my question to anyone reading this is has anyone else worked anywhere else in Alaska there's some Club in Anchorage that I've heard about many times but does anyone know any safe places out there."

Hey....I don't know what to say. It has been three years since I went to Kodiak island. Like I said, the idea is great. If Darren can take that boat to Dutch Harbor I can see the dancers making a lot.
And of course.....when an influx of people read a blog you will also get somebody with an interesting this one.

I am not sure if I am the fat slob and meth whore since the "Dancers Talk" entry did not have a picture of me.....and some people are not smart enough to click around on the blog after randomly finding one entry (they think that's it) and some are just not interested in reading more.
But my personal friends and also readers are very well aware of - I am definitely the poster child for both a fat slob AND a meth whore. I find this highly entertaining actually! And yes, I look like a bag of smashed assholes. Spot on description! So witty! To put it more in perspective, my butthole is prettier than some people's faces.
But this is a free country and everybody is entitled to their own opinion.
The difference between me and people like the one that bothered to write a comment and I am actually impressed by that (kudos to you) because most people that stop by here are silent readers.....anyhow the difference is that I have cojones and do not need to hide behind a screen when speaking my mind. I will tell you to your face if I see you. But since this is a blog, I express a lot of stuff by writing. If you want some verbal abuse and my opinions in person - make an appointment.
Have a wonderful weekend all of my fans and frenemies!

Here is an article from about the Wild Alaskan.

Tamolitch Pool

Went back to the Blue Pool yesterday......the official name of the place is Tamolitch Pool. Went with Desi this time, she has been wanting to see the place for some time. What can I say? It's a great, very scenic hike through gorgeous forest.....the pool itself is absolutely beautiful, the water in the pool is icy cold.
Here are some of the pics.....

Thank You forest! I love you.