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Earrings & Sardines

Two weeks into the new year, can you believe it? The days go by fast don't they? Halfway through January already.
Since Tatiana's birthday is right around Christmas, she often ends up getting belated birthday gifts and that is always fun.
She picked up two packages this last week from Juliana and Rose-Marie, it's like having your birthday all over again.
Rose-Marie sent her these earrings by other things.....dangling stars and hearts - Tatiana loves stars and hearts! The earrings attach
in two places on the ear, very cute.
Here is a pic, so you can admire Tatiana......oh.....and the earrings too......!

Friday night Tatiana scored a bonus at work. She got tipped a can of sardines! Before you scoff at that, remember, that can of sardines
can get useful one day when hunger sets in.
You can tip Tatiana bills in various denominations.....cans of food, Rolexes and other pricey watches and jewelery,
your car keys, your snowmachine, gift certificates etc......she will accept most things.
She does not accept used clothes (Tatiana does not run a thrift store), opened or partially eaten food, used toiletries.....stuff like that.
Keep those items to yourself.

Yaaaawn.......Sunday evening and dark out already. Tatiana is debating wheter she should wash her hair and go to work......
or be lazy and stay at home?


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