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Into The Wild

Tatiana just finished reading Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer. She is now reading another of his books, Under The Banner Of Heaven .
Into The Wild is a gripping story about a young man that gets tired of a lot of things in his life and society in general. He decides to travel, eventually he makes it to Alaska where he lives off the land. It is a very beautiful and sad story, without giving away too much. This book has recently been made into a movie that should be out in theatres now. Tatiana will see the movie as well. It is directed by Sean Penn and it took him ten years to get permission from the young mans family to make this movie.
Tatiana feels strongly for the character depicted in the book. Many times has she felt similar, fed up with the rat race she really doesn't want to participate in. She knows the feeling of longing to be in nature, undisturbed and peaceful. Read this book!
While on the subject of books, Tatiana wants to mention another author, Paulo Coelho. She has read most of his books, they too are excellent and talk about life in a very beautiful and many times, Tatiana thinks, melancholic but joyful way.
What would life be without books?


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