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New Furniture!

Tatiana got new furniture today! Maybe nothing to blog about you might think but see Tatiana used to have furniture until it all got stolen.....
A couple of years ago she had put most of her stuff in storage because she was in between places and some assholes decided that they wanted Tatiana's stuff and stole it.
So today she got a couch, a table and a shelf like thing. She still wants a few more items. Like a bookcase. Tatiana used to have really nice things. The worst part is that they took a lot of personal, irreplaceable items, like photo albums, diaries and letters. They left all of her books though - guess reading skills were not too developed in the brains of the thieves.
This event was a horrible time for Tatiana, she was very, very sad for a long time.
She could not understand how somebody could steal like that, it is just so wrong!
She still SO misses her two beautiful paintings (giclees) by the artist OLIVIA. "Starfish" and "Fallen Angel". If you want to make Tatiana really happy you can buy one, or both of the paintings for her!


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