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The last few days Tatiana has been feeling really down, more so than regular PMS, though it's been PMS too. On top of the SAD.
She thinks that she has SAD, meaning seasonal affective disorder, also known as winter depression,
or winter blues. She has some of the symptoms.
You know - sleeping a lot, acting totally crazy and insane, ready for a 5150 intake.
Anyways, she decided to face the SAD with longer everyday walks and more work.
Went to work tonight, well technically last night because it's a little after 2 in the morning now.
It was great!
Nobody came in. LOL. So Tatiana entertained herself with taking self portraits. No better entertainment than that when you are bored.
So here is Tatiana with her lastest MAC lipstick, it's called SNOB. Tatiana loves the name.
Though 0 money at work, Tatiana feels good. And looks even better. Maybe SAD was only making a quick appearance?
Tatiana sure hopes so.

Some late night thoughts.....why did Beyonce need a C-section? She looks like a well developed woman in her hip area. What is up
with the trend for more and more C-sections? Women don't want to push out the baby the regular old fashioned way anymore?
Maybe they are worried that they are going to get a loose and saggy VAGINE or something?
Anyhow......Tatiana is annoyed with the rise in C-sections. It seems weird, like women are getting it for the man in their life,
or future man they hope to snag. That is lame.
And some are scheduling the delivery date, so it fits in their schedule. Lame too.

Also, before going to work Tatiana watched "The Bachelor". All those, mostly pathetic, women fighting over some guy named Ben.
Sure, maybe one or two of them really do feel that Ben is made to be the man in their life.
Tatiana understands, she has cruches too. HELLLOOOO CHESTER!!!!! Where are you already?
But do mostly all of them really need to make total fools of themselves? Tatiana just wants to slap them hard.
It's good that he got rid of that psycho Jenna. Her occupation btw besides alcoholic and crying psycho? She is a "blogger".
Is that how she makes a living? Tatiana got curious of course and looked up her blog.
If you are curious too, it's not much to talk about.
But what a nutcase! Unlucky guy that ends up with her.
If she gets a guy after this. Eeeeh......maybe not?
If you really have to be on a lame show like this, you need to be the cool chick, whether you end up with the guy or not is irrelevant,
what matters is your integrity. Hello bitches, wake up!!!


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