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In The Land Of Blood And Honey

When I got back a little while ago with my coffee I caught a glimse of Angelina Jolie on Anderson promoting her new movie that she wrote and
directed, "In The Land Of Blood And Honey".
I've said it before.....that woman is gorgeous , she does not need any photoshop. She looks just as beautiful on tv as she does
in a magazine. She does not have any bad angles.
So I have quite a few friends from former Yugoslavia in Sweden and I remeber the Yugoslav War, though it didn't affect me personally
(besides that I sat through some heated discussions) but more so my friends.
I was even engaged (!) to a Serb, Alex. So I was around people from that part of the world a lot.
Me and Alex broke up, it was young puppy love, we wanted to prove our love for everybody, therefore the engagement. We never set
a wedding date. But it was fun,cute and crazy while it lasted.
I spent lots of time with girls from former Yugoslavia, I think I have most regions covered, Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia. I even went
to a few Macedonian parties and learned how to dance their folk dances. Biiiiiitolaaaaa........!

On Anderson today they talked about Women For Women, an organization helping women survivors of war to rebuild their lives.
I think it's a great thing to do, you can sponsor a woman and communicate with her regarding her progress and life. I might do that.
I realize how fortunate I am to sit here in a warm house, with my choice of what I want to eat everyday. In peace and quiet.
And for that I am grateful.


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