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Speaking Of Coffee

Got a new book yesterday, "There Are Things I Want You To Know About Stieg Larsson And Me", by Eva Gabrielsson.
Eva is the woman that was together with Stieg for 30 years, they lived together but since they never had children and didn't get married
before his sudden and unexpected death, she had some problems with book rights, money etc. Legal stuff.
(Stieg is the author of "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" books.) So it's basically Eva's story.
What I can tell you is that it seems like there might be a fourth book coming eventually,
"The Vengeance Of God" judging from the info in this book. Yeay! I can't wait, because I love Lisbeth. Besides that, the book was rather boring - though I feel bad for Eva.
But I do want to quote some lines from it regarding coffee,"People often ask me if the Swedish drink as much coffee as the characters do in The Millenium Trilogy. Well, we drink a lot indeed, given that Finland is the only country in the world that consumes more coffee than we do."

I can tell you that when I go home to Sweden for a visit, I spend a lot of times in cafés, sipping on a latte, having a sandwich, pastry or some pie.
There is some really good pie in Sweden, I prefer the blueberry or rhubarb with the most delicious vanilla sauce. Vanlijsås.......I NEED!!!
I always meet up with a friend or two and chat away. There are a ton of cafés in Stockholm, nobody is too busy for "en fika". There is more of a "taking time to meet my friends" culture there, I think. Here people are "too busy" and much more focused on themselves,
which I do not like at all. (My experience.) If you are too busy for your friends then maybe you should change your lifestyle? Seems like a sad life to me.
I have always prioritized my friends but I have noticed that many of the people I know here, don't feel the same way. I should probably get rid of those "friends". I will most likely be better off without them.
Anyhow, speaking of coffee......I am going to start the car, let it warm up and go get a coffee.
It is snowing. I did not go to work last night. I was too tired.....But I think I am going tonight.
Here is some Swedish coffee, Gevalia.


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