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Songs of the year

According to Tatiana, the song of the year is "Rolling In The Deep" by Adele. Tatiana has Adele's album 21 and her favorite song from that album besides "Rolling In The Deep"
is "Set Fire To The Rain". Tatiana LOVES that song, new song for stage.
Also, "Someone Like You" is really good.
Talk about somebody in love and all that it entails! She is a scorned woman.
Tatiana thinks that Adele has a great voice and she likes this album, 21 better than the previous 19.
Also Adele sings instead of wails, Tatiana doesn't think that wailing is singing, though many seem to think so.
Tatiana can grab a mic too and wail. And call that singing.
Actually a few years ago, Tatiana wanted to start a band with her two friends Mike and Mikey. She was certain that they would
reach much success, she even had a name for the band, "Dirty Sanchez". Perfect!
Also, LFMAO made the songs of the year. "Party Rock", it's an anthem and "Sexy And I Know It". Awesome and fun.


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