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Mirror Mirror On The Wall......

After all the eating I might have to think about going to the gym so I don't start looking too porky.
The gym once or twice a week is a good idea now in the wintertime since I don't move around as much because of the snow outside and the cold.
And I don't work that much either. If I work a lot I eat less, because I don't usually eat at work.
As far as eating less during the way, I need my food!
This is me at work the other night. Admiring myself as know.....I am myself my biggest fan!


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ed on :

I requested a Cuty Pie for christmas but Santa said he completely ran out, there just weren't enough to go around. This made me very sad !!! He put me on the waiting list to win the lottery.


Good Luck!

Paul on :

Looking awesome! Is your family back in Sweden?


Yes.....I came to the US by myself.....

Gianna on :

You look great a natural beauty!

matt on :

Hey beautiful u r still the fairest of them all .
Matt :-)

Tatiana on :

Hi Matt!
Thank You......

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