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Tatiana is hoping that everybody has a great Christmas!!! All the best to all of you!

It's 2 35 am on December 25 here. It was cold out today. All the trees are covered with white frost, it looks very pretty.
Spent the day eating, eating and eating. Had a hearty breakfast this morning, potatoes fried up with onions, scrambled eggs and some
english muffins and cheese.
Later time, The Hangover 2, Tatiana loved it - so funny and Bradley Cooper is sooooo cute, voted sexiest man 2011
by People magazine in case you didn't know. He is quite sexy indeed. Later, Colombiana with Zoey Saldana, she is amazing and really pretty.
Tatiana even had some Kahlua to drink. Last drink was back in April, that yucky Jaegermeister shot that Tatiana sipped on for like an hour.
Apple pie with vanilla ice cream, chocolate.......
Tomorrows plans? Long walk with Chhaya. She is getting some ribs tomorrow.
More food and more movies. Tatiana is going to watch Slumdog Millionaire again, saw it when it first came out, but it is so good that
she wants to watch it again. Maybe some Coast To Coast AM for some Christmas stories.
Now it is bed time. Santa is on his way.......!


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