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Tatiana really likes these (and the rest) pics of Lady Gaga in the lastest issue of Vanity Fair. (Photography by Annie Leibowitz).
Photo shoots in laundromats are awesome, Tatiana wants her own amazing pics inside a laundromat.
And Gaga's nude pic is really nice. She looks beautiful, strong, proud and confident.
The interview is great, she seems like a very cool person. And Tatiana loves it that Gaga has her own boobs, no enhancements.
Hopefully the boob implants trend is passé for most people by now. For Tatiana that was so over like 10 years ago.
The only reasons to have a boob job would be if you need reconstructive surgery due to a masectomy,
need to replace your old implants or something like that,
or if your boobs look totally messed up due to a suckling baby or two (or more).
Tatiana can sympathize with those reasons.


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Steve on :

Looks like you are enjoying life, that's awesome, I love following your blog, and actually agree with 99.9% of everything you write.

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