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Longest night of the year

Winter Solstice December 21 in Alaska.
People often wonder how it is to live in it always dark here, or light all the time,
do people really live in igloos, are there polar bears walking around everywhere?
Well, it's almost Midnight here and it is the longest night of the year.
It depends on where you live in Alaska regarding the light and the dark, since Alaska is so vast.
Me personally, I love the long daylight in the Summer, it is great, the super long days.
It is not difficult at all for me to sleep then, I can fall asleep everywhere, light, dark, loud, quiet......
doesn't matter.
Right now in Kenai, it has been a little less than six hours of daylight. The sun rises a little after 10 AM and sets a little before 4 PM.
I went for a walk with Chhaya this afternoon while the sun was out, you just have to be outside and take in the sun when you can.
There are polar bears up North, not where I live. I have seen some brown bears and black bears though.
And as far as being cold, it's not THAT cold where live. It gets really cold in Fairbanks but Kenai is not too bad, manageable. Bundle up!


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