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Take the $$$ Vanessa!

Tatiana is so happy that Vanessa Bryant filed for divorce! Vanessa finally got fed up with Kobe's inability to keep his dick in his pants.
Vanessa should get every penny that she can, definitely. "Irreconcilable differences" is cited as the reason for the divorce.
Oh yes, Tatiana gets it. Kobe is gross, he has probably cheated more than Vanessa would like to know. This girl met Kobe when she was only 17,
she probably fell head over heels for him. Squeezed out two kids and he cheats and even managed to get involved in some embarrassing rape scandal back in the day, while married to Vanessa. Freakin' perv!
Tatiana wonders if Kobe used protection or if he was so gross that he exposed Vanessa to his nasty stuff?
Yep, Vanessa should have at least half, if not more and that extremely over the top expensive ring she got from Kobe when the rape scandal
exposed him, eat your heart out Kim K.......Vanessa's ring was double the price of yours. Speaking of Kim, she will probably be all over Kobe now,
unless he really is having an affair with one of her producers like the rumor has it.
Kobe is laaaaame! Vanessa is young and beautiful, her life is about to really begin now, without that dumbass husband of hers. Go Vanessa!


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