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Tonights entertainment

Stopped for some yummies and coffee on the way home tonight. They were out of apple fritters and custard filled chocolate iced I had to pick something else.
Now I am going to read some very educational magazines. They will teach me many great skills, like how to snag a man that will bestow me a ring worth two million dollars. And how to get rid of him quickly but keep the ring. How to get rid of a cheating Neanderthal.
That wearing spanx will make you look so much thinner.
But that won't work for me, no spanx on stage. Though some girls that try to conceal a midesction they do not want others to see wear a corset on stage. Others wear a dress that they just pull down to the waist, not sure what they are trying to conceal - probably lots of stuff.
Some ask me why I read gossip magazines. Well, it's kind of fun. Why do you watch football or some other sport, like baseball?
To me that seems like a total waste of time, at least I am reading. And I do read other magazines too, like my fave Adbusters, or Utne, Bust, Newsweek to mention a few. And lots and lots of books.

Speaking of gossip. Lindsay's Playboy cover is "leaked". I like. Looks nice. Can be found at
I can't get Playboy here where I am, that is weird. Why, I do not understand. I have to go to Anchorage or Homer for Playboy.
Rihanna's new album is out. It's called "Talk That Talk". I need. The album and her. She is my girl crush.


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